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  1. ** Hot New Dance Track *

    sucks! lol.
  2. so where are the

    sigh... lol didnt answer my question.
  3. so where are the

    sigh... lol didnt answer my question.
  4. so where are the

    clubs in south jersey? that a 19 year old can get in, stop laughing. Im serious, i mean ill go like an hour or 2 to one i guess, ive been to the kiddie clubs, shampoo, egypt, flo, chrome. they all suck, i guess shampoo was half decent but.. i want rave material here people. im dyin to get into one, help? im in hte moorestown cherry hill area. 15 minutes form camden.
  5. Pic of The Week

    no shit really??
  6. 2-ci

    just about every online website has bene busted...
  7. How To Kill Yourself

    go to any foundery or pipe maker, like griffith pipe, us pipe, both on main st in florence, id stil prefer to get a super strong enzyme and disolve my victim, however if i was to kill myself i would want it fast and fun.. gun, bomb, car, fall, overdose. If your gonna use gas to kill urself use argon, it will do the job fast, 10x heavier then air and will knock u out before u know u cant breath well, and it stays in your lungs so dont plan on coming back.

    wheres ironbound and how old to get in?
  9. Salvia Divinorum

    no not the liquid, the smoke extract, that u.. smoke.
  10. Salvia Divinorum

    do the extract and you will.
  11. My AMT source got SHUT DOWN :( :( :(

    where can i get some more 2ci? i dont really wanna order overseas.. AIM Paintballinlife
  12. so where you addicts from?

    south jersey
  13. Salvia Divinorum

    it is a hallucinageon, but more like pot before and after you trip.
  14. Where's the House Music in Philly???

    possibility one under the age of 21 could hop in? dont care if i drink or not, but always a plus. lookin for a party.
  15. Salvia Divinorum

    indeed, im a big fan of divine, you have to smoke as much as you can and hold it in as long as you can, until your dying for air, its very slowly metabolized. Ive done the straight too, thats kinda a pain in the ass but was a very very good trip, visited the keebler house in a sense.