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  1. Danny Roll Call..

    In ....but i hope the ac doesnt break down like it did at Spirit!
  2. Can’t we all get along?

    I'm happy for you but it sounds so strange to think that getting into that place is such an accomplishment.
  3. NYC afterhours

    Yes there are a lot of crackheads to be honest like at all other clubs but I have not seen a fight htere yet....mostly its just guys who wanna form a circle in a front of a hottie to show off (like a peacock) but sometimes things are taken too far and they start to push or smak each other which is reatrded.
  4. Can’t we all get along?

    Rays right i dont know for sure but I always thought he was for some reason. In closing, if Crobar is discriminating against Asians, just don't go there anymore end of story wtf.
  5. Can’t we all get along?

    well i cant really say that from first hand esperience, because, its true , i am asian and some of my friends r and , even for boris parties ,paul just other me who i was with and lets us in with no hassle. however, i have def. seen him say mean to customers and not necssary. imo crobar ny should replace him with someone more professional. crobr is a well respected diverse nyc big club and can do better. and if the fucked up asians bother people inside then tell a bouncer shoul be told about it, get ythe fobs names and never let them in again. yes the bouncers can be shady too. i was at dt at crobar in august and i was looking for an atm upsytairs and nobody was ther. a bouncer then came upstairs and i asked where an atm was . he didint answer, all he did was just grab me and i guess like hug me hard...i got really freaked , pushed him off and just ran downstairs. wuts wrong with some of these crobar bouncers? finally, i also agree that pacha and cielo bLVD AND lOVE doorman do a really professuional job.So does Jermain at GT.
  6. Danny! T! Danny T! Danny T!!

    My next party can't wait!!!! IMO he is always insane at Spirit.
  7. MORILLO MONDAY JULY 3 @ Pacha 18+

  8. Boris BAby!!!!

    O I forgot about Sanchez two saturdays ago. He started of like trancey but at like 2 he started dropping tribal bomb after bomb. He played so much better than he did in January I thought. I really wanted to stay til it closing but the crowd, all the way to the floor cleaners, were horrendously rude even the cleasning people. So my freind and I had to bounce at 4. also has anyone else noticed that Crobar crowd is very rude, shady and,Im not kidding, alot of crobar guys love to rub themselves about against random people and its not because its crowded. its really disgusting behavior and its always at crobar. i think you guys should try out cain if you havent already, you'll really like it.
  9. Can’t we all get along?

    Touche. I shouldn't have generalize all gay doorman based on Paul but Paul,gay or not, is bitchy.
  10. Can’t we all get along?

    Paul's never given me a prob either ...but I've seen him treat others like a real bitch for no good reason. I know I sterotyping but ive seen this kind of behavior in many gay doormen.
  11. Can’t we all get along?

    Hahah or better yet hire a straight male doorman ....that queen at the door (Paul) I think his name is is rather unnecessarily bitchy and unprofessional and not just to Asians but to lots of people.
  12. Boris BAby!!!!

    I have to agree. I went to JP at Pacha party and then to Boris at GT on and I thought Boris was way way better. No comparison really. His music is just Hot to me. VC and Boris and DT are my favorites but DT can get boring at times when he is not ON. VC and Boris are always on. Boris is really cute too haha that helps.
  13. Saturday Nights In Hoboken

    I like 340 Lounge alot. Lots of couches and there is a small dancefloor by the bar if you wanna dance. Atmosphere though is pretty fraternity party with some guidos. Don't go to LUA that place is the pitts. Oh but the music is basically hip hop.
  14. Sorry too much drugs lol j/k No I really liked Love. The sound was great and the people were friendly and dresssed very well. I loved that the bar was in a separate room from the dance floor. The light were good too kind of reminded me of Arc. Yes, my question was retarded. Obviously if this party is at Pacha then I know exactly what the crowd is like since Ive been there several times. Silver, thanks for the invite but my next party will be DT at Spirit. I'm a little danced out, just much more of a lounge mood right now but I will def. say hi to you when i see you.
  15. Silver: Could you tell me what the what is the crowd like at this party? I was at LOve last Thursday or Friday I beleive and I really liked the venue ansdcrowd there...people dressed up and looked good but noone was rude at val. Or they there more to dance or to wear expensive clothes, look good and dance a little bit. Is there a dress code?