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  1. song id please

    you r the man...thanks bro
  2. song id please

    sorry paulie...but that's not the one....the lyrics just repeat themselves...as the energy builds up...and then the last set he says our souls will be aliiiiiveee!!...trying to look for this track and i am having problems..i wish i knew how to add a sample
  3. song id please

    it's an up-tempo house track that builds nice and stiff..... vocals are sung by a male with a bee gee's style voice,... lyrics , are (i think) into the night... b4 sunrise... our souls... will be together...
  4. song id please

    Bob Sinclair - Love Generation ...thank you much
  5. song id please

    house track with a male rastafarian sounding voice.... very uplifting ...fun to dance to