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  1. NYE in Philly

    I'll have to check it out. If I had to define the style/atomosphere I'm looking for, I'd say loungy, hip-hop/RB/Club sound w/ a upscale classy style (not ghetto style).
  2. NYE in Philly

    Looking for DIVERSE and upscale event/lounge/party in Philly for NYE. (Diverse being the operative word). Why is it so difficult to find any events of this nature. My choices have been limited to "18 and over-21 to drink" or "show your senior citizens card for a discount." I'm not trying to disrespect either group, but it's so hard to find a place/event/club that caters to my age group (27-37). Anyhow if anyone can forward url or info, I would greatly appreciate it.