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  1. Top Electro house dj at the moment.

    :laugh::laugh::laugh: It will, and it will happen the same way it became big. The big name guys will let everyone know if it's cool or not anymore. Like someone else said, it's been around for a while and there will always be those producers who make it, those DJs that will play it, and those people that like it, but it' popularity will probally fade pretty soon.
  2. The "superclubs" in NY just aren't cutting it anymore. The ones we already have now seem to be hurting enough as it is. As a result they have to do things like play more hip-hop and do 18+ nights. There just aren't enough house heads right now to support another big club in NY. I would personally be fine with one big club where all the meatheads could go and focus more attention on packing smaller one room clubs that fit 200-400 people. Why do you think places like Ciello and Shelter have done well for so long? They know what they are, accept it and don't try to be more than that.
  3. What it means to be Silverbull

    Damn Gabe. You still causin trouble? HAHAHA I don't go on this board for months and when I come back the first thing I see is a year old thread that was brought back from the dead to hate on you. Either the brain trust of CP has finally run out of things to talk about or you have officially become the king of NY. Keep doing your thing bro. You're one of the realest cats I know.
  4. Gotta mix it up. I love it when I go to hear someone and they start dropping shit I wasn't expecting.
  5. This Is Fucked Up. Seriously

    Seriously, what are kids like this doing hanging out in the Village? It's sad too to think that these were KIDS. The youth of today is fucked. Also... I can understand people being afraid of jumping in to help but did anybody even call the police? Its good to hear he's doing well though.
  6. Good Quote.....do you agree or disagree with it?

    I disagree. Nowadays its those who play CD's/labtops/their egos
  7. yankee fans are the best!

    This is why Sox fans make me laugh. By saying it was the biggest choke in history you are saying that the Yankees LOST the series and not the Sox WON the series. You would rather rip the Yankees than give your boys credit where credit is due. Bostonians started a "Yankees Suck" chant at the Patriots' goddamn Superbowl victory parade. Talk about an inferiority complex. No respect for anything outside of Boston.
  8. DJ AM at Deko Review?

    That good, huh?
  9. Happy Valley on Tues just named best club in the USA

    Yeah. Gay or straight these people are fuckin' SCARY. I been to a few gay parties and the only time I seen shit like this was on Halloween, and no, I'm not exaggerating.
  10. Yeah, a good portion of the underground stuff is nice. A lot of the guys that we used to know and love back in the day are still around. Nobody knows it though because they are still doing the same thing they used to do and didn't change with the times. Damn shame.
  11. Attn: Crobar Personel

    Just to let you know, some of us stupid hicks from Jersey can think rationally. No harm.
  12. Attn: Crobar Personel

  13. Attn: Crobar Personel

    Thanks Gabe for providing the entertainment for today!
  14. Attn: Crobar Personel

    I hang out with a very mixed crew of people. All my Asian friends speak English as well as me or you, dress no differently than the white, black or spanish people in the crew, and behave better than most "accepted" people in the club. So you had a bad experience w/ Asians. We've all bad experiences at clubs. Shit, I've had more bad experiences with white people than I care to count. Every group has its assholes. Period. I love Crobar, but unfortunately this isn't the first time I've heard of this "door policy." I'm having a party there on the 12th. If any of my Asian friends have a problem getting in this board will be the first to know.
  15. Cali girls in NYC - Where to party?

    Seriously though. Doesn't Opus 22 have Hip-hop nights?