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  1. any updates on the events for this weekend..? also, do you think it'll be better to party thurs nite (10/25) or sun nite (10/28)? thanks.
  2. Finding House music... avoiding hip-hop

    i say, pop some pure, and go to jet, then empire....game over after that.
  3. MDW Reviews?

    thanks for the links and info scott. what clubs would you recommend for fri nite, other than tao and pure?
  4. MDW Reviews?

    nice review scotty. how was TAO, crowd wise, also was there room to dance or walk around?
  5. 2 trips upcoming, info needed...

    i have 2 trips planned, one june 7-10, and another july 26-29, and I got a couple if questions for anyone that can help - - about TAO on thurs night, how is the crowd, is it mainly locals or tourists? also, are you pretty much F'ed if you don't got any chicks with you? - we want to check out JET on sat night, whats the deal with that club, as far as gettin thru the door? -what can you guys tell me about Moon, what's the crowd like, best night to go, and whats the deal at the door, is it hard to get in? reading bulkcity's review got me hyped. thanks in advance.
  6. My vegas review 5-10 to 5-14--- OMFGGGGGG

    nice review...
  7. HAlloween in VEGAS

    what's happenin at Tao on Friday Oct 27th, is it a special event,, or a reg. nite...?
  8. any spots worth checking out (06/06)

    I know it's a tuesday, but got any suggestions on any and all spots open tonite...?
  9. Tryst

    Me and my boys went on Thurs. night. Greasing the bouncer $20 got 4 people in (3 dudes, 1 chick), which was weird, but cool as hell. The club is real nice inside, the waterfall is siccness. Women-wise there were some bad ones in the buildin' too.
  10. new years eve, afterhours....

    sounds good, just got the 2 day pass......let the games begin.
  11. new years eve, afterhours....

    thx for the info.
  12. new years eve, afterhours....

    whats up guys...got a question, which spot do you think will be more bangin between Empire and Club Rubber (HOB). Also, can you give a breakdown of both, thx in advance. -Dev
  13. Tues or Wed nite...?

    Whut up folks... Got a question. I have a one nite stop-over in Vegas in mid to late Nov, which nite would you suggest is the best...Tues or Wed? I'd like to hit up Ice, but I don't think it's open on those days. So are there any other cool clubs, preferably ones that play trance..? Either way, throw out some suggestions, I can roll with hip-hop too, if need be. Thx in advance. -Dev
  14. Hey wuzup.. where was this party, and is it gonna happen again anytime soon ..? Thx for the info, I love me some brown skin'd honeys.
  15. Ice... Web Page??

    <question> It says on the ICE website that on May 27th, D. Glaude will be playing an 8 hour extended set...does this mean the club will be closing later than usual, or opening earlier than usual...? Also, that weekend, what do ya'll think would be the better day to go to ICE, Fri or Sat nite.., and perhaps Rubber for after-hours..? Thx. <--- 'Thizzin'