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  1. On December 4th, 2004, we ask you to travel back in time for a night and step into a world that no longer thrives in our culture today. A world that promises an atmosphere unlike most have seen in a very long time. On this night, you will experience the sounds of the creators of this culture in New York City. You will see the fusion of the old school and the new, coming together in a venue that has never been set upon before. You will be able to explore a massive environment filled with over 40 DJs, multiple levels, massive rooms, and an atmosphere that hasn't existed in many years. Prepare to enter a warehouse with a capacity for thousands. Prepare to experience an entire night filled with music that offers both a history lesson and a glimpse into the future. Prepare to see how we intend to bring back the integrity to rave. The vibe has been lost for many years. We will find it on December 4th, 2004. The Time Machine is the brainchild of a collaboration of forward thinking DJs, promoters, and individuals with a passion for music. How Hard, Integrity, Heathcliff, Jen Mas, the collectives of Hardmind, Vitus, Raw Underground, and the brightest minds in the tri-state area join forces to bring you an event that will redefine rave as it is currently known today. How Hard, Integrity, Vitus, and Suzanne Sharp, in association with Raw Underground, MindGrind, and Hardmind Present: THE TIME MACHINE: FLASH BACK / DECEMBER 4TH, 2004 AREA1 / Hardcore, Hard Trance, Acid, Techno, Trance, Happy Hardcore DJ Delirium DJ Venom Gonzo Dread Myth-Is The Germ J Costas Frazzle Heathcliff Pinky & The Brain Mindgame Eco AREA2/ Hardcore, Breaks, Jungle, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, NRG, and Techno Annalyze Sykopath Joe Jack Jen Mas vs How Hard Rocksteady Ritalin vs DJ Splash Integrity Mama C Tracatak vs The Mannchild Hexer vs Psynikill DJ Sanz One Suzanne Sharp AREA3/ Drum and Bass, House, Techno, and Trance Krazyglue C-Tag Brian Dunn WIT? Kemikalz DJ Candy Kid DJ Massacre DJ Big Ears vs Nick C Tommy D The Illist Artie Jensen vs Joel Stewart Gianni Masourakis Ash Location/ The Warp Warehouse Complex 39-25 21st Street, Long Island City, Queens, New York City A 2000+ capacity, virgin NYC warehouse venue featuring multiple levels, three areas of sound, and a close proximity to subways, buses, and major bridges Time/ 8pm-8am 12 hours of over 40 DJs, a marathon that hasn't been seen for many years. Ages/ This is an all age event Price/ $15 ADVANCED TICKETS UNTIL 12/03- PURCHASE ON http://www.rawdjs.com $17 before 11pm at the door $20 after 11pm at the door We will NOT stop at supplying you with a warehouse, over 40 DJs for 12 hours, and a reasonable admission. We will also feature: Hot Munchies Refreshments Candy T-Shirts CDs Stickers Free Giveaways and much more to be announced! FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE POSTIVE PROGRESSION OF YOUR CULTURE: NO Markers, Weapons, Drugs, Flyers Inside The Venue, Bad Attitudes. We have hired our own friendly security staff to enforce reasonable rules. To ensure speedy entry, please limit items such as backpacks and purses. R.O.A.R. in full effect. Come correct or don't come at all. Please consider advance sales to avoid long lines. This is an opportunity that won't knock on your door again for a very long time. Please respect the neighborhood, our security, the promoters, and the venue. YOU DECIDE WHERE WE GO FROM HERE. Enjoy and respect what we have to offer and WE PROMISE much more to come! Flyers out very soon! Directions coming your way! Photos of the venue uploaded ASAP! Full bios on all DJs online this weekend! Info: http://www.rawunderground.com http://www.hardmindproductions.com http://www.vitusproductions.com http://www.jenmas.com AIM: Int3grity / How Hard 106 Phone: 973 879 1462/ 516 287 0871 Email: [email protected] /[email protected] The future is ours. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the showdown.