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  1. Attn: Ladies

    It makes my back hurt just looking at them... *ouch* Why are the skinny girls wearing so much make up? It makes their faces look greasy & plastic!!
  2. Attn: Ladies

    Holy crap... FF?
  3. Dallas - Fort Worth

    OMG - I can't believe DFW isn't on here! I grew up near Boston, and then 'momma got a new job' and I enjoyed the nightlife of LA - no one checked IDs back then. Now (I'm of legal age for quite a while now... ) I live just outside the Fort Worth area and I'm pretty impressed with the "little cow-town." There's a lot of clubs spread out around the two cities, or you can go to a street th is nothing but clubs, and there's so many different types. I thought when I got here that my club enjoyment was over unless I started line-dancing or going in circles, and circls, and circles... But there's some pretty damn cool clubs here with great music - crowded so you're dancing with several people at once but not really - know what I mean?
  4. ladies, would u allow....

    I'd have to agree with the shower part - I'm a snob, and the first thought is that I can't have them thinking the next morning, "Damn she needs to keep clean!" Shit if you come back from a club, why not both of you hop in the shower and do it? That way you solve the whole dilemma!!