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    My name is Priscilla Marie - i am 19 years old, italian, i go to WPU in Jersey...
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    u can find me in either jersey or new york
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    listening to music 24/7, goin to clubs, sleepin.. i like to shop and do other stuff too
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    i work everywhere
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  1. under 21

    im not 21 yet, where can i go, or where can i go that doesnt have a strict door? i go to spirit most of the time, and ikon or avalon and clubs like that when there havin a good dj there.. i wish i can go to crobar show and suede, is there ne other clubs that have i guess 18 to party or 18 for girls that arent crap? or is there ne nites comin up that i can get in, cuz thanxgiving crobar was 18.. it sux cuz i dont even care for the alcohol i can drink whenever i want, i just wanna go hear my favorite djs spin, and be w. my friends since there all older
  2. What would you liek to hear more of on 1035 the new KTU

    play more underground stuff like later @ night, im not a fan the same vocal "club" music u play alllllll the time, play some trance, play some deep hard core stuff, or if ne one knows...is there a radio station that does play this kinda stuff. like www.di.com does so ill listen to that online, but i need sumthin for when im in my car and my ipod is dead lol.