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  1. Back or Front??? Which is better?

    true, nothing is better thandoing it missionary staring in each others eyes. so romantic or you can throw your legs up over his shoulders and just fu** him so deep....
  2. Favorite position?

    Favorite position is defenitely Missionary with my legs way up over his shoulders and my ankles down to my ears....
  3. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    well. so far, looks like missionary got several more votes than woman on top. as a future sex therapist, i can say that missionary is a better position, because of all its variations. dont get me wrong, i love spooning, doggy and girl on top, but missionary is the gold standard.
  4. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    dont mention it cosmo .lol.
  5. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    you got mail cosmo
  6. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    you are right cosmogall. there are over 40 variations to missionary. i just gave a few. i got some excellent visuals, only they are actual couples not stick figures. if you want, i can email them to you. plus i got some great 4play tricks.
  7. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    never mind naughty, its not working. plus i was trying to send it to you, not the whole room.lol. i hit pm, then tried pasting but it doesnt work. i tried.
  8. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    hey naught how do i post a pic and pm it to you.
  9. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    here are over 20 missionary variations. hey naught, i was gonna send you a pic, but guess i can't. 1.regular missionary with him holding himself up on his arms- 2.missionary with his weight directly on top of you 3. -legs wrapped around his waist 4. - your feet entwined around his ankles 5.missionary with your legs tightly closed together and his legs on the outside of yours 6.missionary with his right leg between your legs and his left leg on the outside 7.missionary with him directly on top of you, his kness above yours, his feet against yours 8.missionary with your knees up to your chest 9.missionary with your legs way up wrapped around his back 10.missionary with 1 of your legs over his shoulder 11.missionary with both legs over his shoulders (deep) 12.missionary with both your legs over his shoulders, cross your feet 13.missionary with him holding your wrists down, pinning you down 14.missionary with your hands locked 15.missionary with him grabbing your shoulders for leverage 16.missionary with him moving to the right so that you all form a cross 17.Reverse missionary- start missionary, have him rotate himself on top of you. When he gets to your feet, have him stop. Basically his head is at your feet and your head is at his feet. 18.Missionary, both of you just wrap each other up, hold each other tight, and kiss 19.Have him stop in the middle of thrusting, instead of him thrusting, you buck your hips and meet his thrusts. You are the dominant one. 20. the pattern- have him thrust 1 time deep followed by 9 shallow thrusts, 2 deep 8 shallow, 3 deep, 7 shallow and so forth. 21. Put a pillow under your butt. 22. Have him grab your thighs and use them to thrust into you. Here are the BIG ones !!!! 23.The CAT- start regular missionary. Have him shift his hips so that they are higher than yours. When he thrusts, he is going to simultaneously rub your clit as he enters you. YUMMYYYYYYYYYY!!! 24. This is my favorite one. Do the same as before, have him shift his hips so that they are higher than yours. Let him drop all his weight on you. Once inside you, rather than in and out thrusting, have him grind into real hard or slow your preference. Basically when he grinds into you, he is also grinding against your clitoris making it feel so good!!!! He can move in circles, left to right, however you want.My guy likes to grind side to side and sometimes brings his penis out half way and moves in circles so that he rubs my inner walls. Just thinking about, I guarantee you will love THIS ONE!!!!!! Especially while you're kissing him passionately.
  10. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    hey naughty, i am majoring in sexual relations. im gonna be a sex therapist. i guarantee you that i can give you some variants of missionary that will give you your best "O" ever.
  11. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    I voted for missionary. i like variety, but sassy is right. in guy on top sex, you can do it nice and slow or you can get do it hard and fast. i love bringing my knees to my chest , it feels so deep. and i have heard of the cat. and she's right, it blows all positions away. i always orgasm in that guy on top variation.
  12. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

  13. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    I agree. missionary is not just for lovemaking. the guy can defenitely fuk the shit out of you. when i put my legs up over his shoulders and he just pounds away.
  14. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    thats a good one. i love it when my b/f stops thrusting halfway and i start bucking my hips up and i control the thrusts. its so cool, i also love it when i close my legs tight and he straddles my legs. excellent.
  15. Missionary vs. Cowgirl??????????

    My vote goes to Missionary. I like riding, but it is alot better when he's on top. you can take it slow and passionate, wrapping your legs round his waist, feeling his weight on top of you or you can put your legs up over his shoulders, this is very deep. My favorite variation of missionary is called "THE CAT". it gives me the most intense orgasms. basically my guy shifts his hips so that they are higher than mine and instead of thrusting, he grinds into my clitoris, side to side, circles. Anyone done that?