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  1. cash to be made from this?

    seems that theres a website that pays you to click on links thru email (most links seem to lead to search engines). once u click on a link and leave it open for 20secs then ur account is credited 1cent, i know this doesnt sound much but when its about 10 links per email then it builds up fast (1 week will 'earn' around $10, straight into ****** account). Ive been paid twice so far and im enjoying it but i find it weird how they can afford to pay cash for nothing. best thing about this site is that it pays u when u reach $2 (if u want) which means that in just a couple of days u can get paid hauling cash if ur wanting to check it out anyway, anyone else make cash online? any ideas appreciated Ryan. P.S a tip if ur wanting to join haulingcash, use Firefox browser, it'll let u open the links faster and in different tabs