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  1. PVD March 4

    PVD March 4 at Roseland ballroom, finally in a better location, better than crobar and spirit.
  2. What it means to be Silverbull

    It means it's all about the music and the music being on point. And cielo is the best club ever. Trance sucks and PVD /tiesto are #1's by luck.
  3. PVD @ ROXY Review? i just got back

    Got there 10:45pm, no line. that place needs more bathrooms, felt sorry for the girls, line was long. music sucked, beggining was ok, to be #1 I expected better. by 4am people started leaving starting with old disappointed pvd fans, place was hot like a sauna.
  4. Paul Van Dyk Dj Mag Number 1 Dj In The World!

    Finally!! I tought Tiesto would be #1 again. PVD at Roxy nov 11 is gonna be like katrina evacuees waiting for food. Sasha #4, it's hard to believe. Go PVD!!!
  5. attn: Silverbull

  6. Which Trance DJ?

    Christopher lawrence, Fergie, George acosta, hernan cattaneo
  7. Ultra Ny ?

    They should invest more money and bring some good dj's. Paul oakenfolf is over rated. Erick morillo, tenaglia, Boris, they're good but I see them all the time at crobar or spirit, Ultra w/out tiesto pvd armin ferry what kind of ghetto ultra is that. Ticket price should be $30 not freaking $50, $60.
  8. Dj Mag Top 100 Djs 2005 Poll:

    Agree with first 4, how about #5 Ferry corsten?
  9. pvd what a night!!!

    A great set by PVD, song after the other, nice weather, they should bring him for ultra new york sep 16.
  10. whats going on after PVD in central park?

    Your after party will the amtrak back to DC. PVD will be at Nation Aug 19, so you don't have to come.
  11. But $50?? that's a lot unless you gamble first and win some money. www.theborgata.com
  12. bomb 51st & 3rd ave!

    It was a small bomb, no one hurt but it shows that it can happen here just like it's happening in Iraq, when we less expect. This could be the begining of many other bombs, hopefully not. It's scary since I commute to Penn Station daily.
  13. DJ Judge Jules DJ George Acosta DJ Carl Cox