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  1. Local birthday boy needs some help

  2. Local birthday boy needs some help

    So just found out that my connect at Body English is unavailable for the week and now have no hookup for getting in to celebrate my 23rd on Saturday w/ some friends. Can anyone help a guy out? It would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. pretty random question...

    I'm always looking for good music when I go out. I heard that Krave plays some pretty good music so I visited their website: www.kravelasvegas.com . When the page loads the first song that plays really caught my attention. I'm dying to know the name of the song or who sings/mixed it? Help a guy out! Thanks
  4. vegas living

    Hey, I have lived in Vegas about 8 months and am glad I finally found a page like this. I would love to get an in at some of the hot spots in town. I absolutely love Body English (it doesn't hurt to know the management thats for sure). Haven't really had a blast in a while and am looking for some input as to where to get crazy this weekend. What's good?! Please hit me back... Also looking to expand my list of friends...Always great to meet cool people to hang/go out with!