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  1. Get AM some PM....zzzzz...never underestimate
  2. San Genarro Feast???

    i go every year..i just eat on the street because I don't like to much of a crowd when I am at a sit down dinner..i like going when nobody is there..you get more personal service.. just get ready to be bumped around in the street hehehe. it sucks being short lol!
  3. fashionable...

    Fashion designers are intrigued by movies, media, europe, japan, art and a myriad of street styles. I swear they all copy from each other except for a select few who are creative and possess massive talent. It is the same with the art field and music field. It is all one big mashed potato. You can wear whatever you like..its all about your personality and how you put it together. Never follow..always lead. That is what being creative is all about.
  4. there is a party in your pants and we are all invited... do i get a VIP pass? *snicker*
  5. Good luck on a wednesday my friend..people get paid on thurs and friday.. in nyc its mondays...thursday friday saturday..tues and wed. is downtime. 9.00 a drink depending on the venue and where it is located... i would not do it...just my opinion.
  6. funny pic

    found this...
  7. will be there!!!!!!!!! hooray!
  8. Drums By DJchoptrop

    I've been listening to this.. http://www.mrwilsondj.com/fall2004.html
  9. I have to look for a new car soon...I was checking out these new ones..I have no clue what to get.. the new saturn http://www.saturn.com/saturn/showroom/future_vehicles/sky_hi/main.html the new pontiac http://www.pontiac.com/solstice/index.jsp?brand=home I like the Nissan Z Roadster too http://www.nissanusa.com/vehicles/ModelHomePage/0,,120017,00.html?destination=VLP&modelName=z
  10. Anyone know someone who does club flyers?

    parade :i agree.. wheee...here click and drag the person and throw them around.. that will make the design blues go away lol! the person looks like the face of paris hil. or is it just me... http://www.izpitera.ru/lj/tetka.swf
  11. Anyone know someone who does club flyers?

    you know what is sad...how every flyer looks the same. there is so much you can do... oh well so much for design i guess its dead.
  12. Whats a whiteout party? Club abyss...

    hahahahaha awwww...
  13. I Think I Know Who Rumormill Is

    Prof. Plum lol!
  14. Weekly F U's

    FU to the lady who lost my resume FU to all telemarketers FU to people who talk on the phone during their workout FU to the two wasps who were hanging out in my bathroom RIP=wasps.