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  1. anyone go to snitch

    Mutha fukas i was drunk and im drunk now so shut up and tell me if anyone went to the bar called snitch on 21st between 5th and 6th thats right next door to vela lounge. last time i tried to get in at 12:00.
  2. Snitch

    Either the guy from Vela or Snitch that can get me in or on the list because i dont wanna go there at 10 and after 12 they make it list only if someone knows someone i would appreciate it.
  3. ever been to deep saturdays?

    payed 50 bucks to get in and sit around drinking expensive drinks nothing new good music and a dress to impress crowd. House dance club music playing. Other than that I would probably go again if I was on a list. GO for it have fun pregame its got some seating but not much and it doesnt get too crowded slight push shove but no punching. hope this helps
  4. anyone go to snitch

    apparently my brother is obbsesed with this place and i wanna be on the guest list cause I got denied. It was 1200 how do i get denied at 1200 im not gonna go out at 10
  5. since i stopped doing drugs i've noticed

    Um man maybe you just beat that leap of puberty and stopped doing drugs because you realized you shouldnt do drugs at 30 HAHA im just fucking around I really havent noticed
  6. Coke Prices

    I hate coke and everything like it its so bad for your teeth i think water is the best who am i kidding If you have coke do it i dont care what you do to your body I was at this place and it was like 50 to get a small bag of pepsi ;$ but that was enough for like three people I think you have to march right up to the dealership and see what you can get for a low price YOu know what else is great about coke LIMO Drivers always have it The bar in the back has a little bit Ask them. They dont wanna tell you where they get their pepsi I dont even know what im fucking talking about stay in school kids drugs are bad mkay