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  1. Fuck Pacha

    ha, how can u work in a club, if you cant even get into a club? Curious here..
  2. VC in a small banging little space, with a dope sound system boo u guys! i want to go : (
  3. Junior's Thanksgiving couldn't stuff the Roxy

    party did over 1200 people... There was ALSO the spring st loft party, and every gay club in NY had someone There, or something going on.. good turn out, When there 10 other gay clubs all with shit going on.. Next time Actually go to the party moron..
  4. sound factory?

    are u serious? its not re-opening... its soon to be called PACHA...
  5. im actually going to this NYC in DA NHOUSEEEEE , just look for the faggots on the dance floor dont ask me... why im going, im just in town tonight, hahaha
  6. Pacha

    i got a invite for a Press party next week " P its doing a soft opening for press, industry. bla bla bla, The system is not fully installed yet, and the lighting crew is just starting. its like a job fair thing to, come look at the space, fill out a application, bla bla bla it wont REALLY be open for awhile.. but i dont really know, but i will be there Friday : ) i just want to see what they did to the space.
  7. Talks about No Afterhours

    did u just list webster hall? and exit? your what 20? you werent even alive when half those club's u listed were around... And not Every room in NY was a huge room.. read another book kid
  8. anyone remember FILTER 14

    there were 2 undergrounds.. what one?
  9. cheaper rims?

    Wheelmax.com Free shipping to
  10. Carl COX / CALDERONE reviews?!?

    The same crowd that Thinks Knock off bags are cool, and dance on the stage at temp's : )
  11. The worlds scariest club?

    its an after hours- members only spot Never been yet, but its suppose to be freaky i lovvvvvvvvve it The darker the better
  12. The garage was pumping way before u england people even new what disco was.....
  13. Pacha New York?

    place holds 2900 people main floor holds 1500
  14. Anybody Still Here From Clubnyc.com Days

    i look in from time to time place is kinda scary....