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  1. The WMC should be held in Marbella Spain or on the isle of Ibiza, why should progressive fun loving peaceniks from NY & Europe spend money in a red state like Fla. Your just putting more money in Bush's pockets. Boycott all red states for the next 4 yrs , hit em where it hurts. Vegas, Miami, out out out, tacky places for tacky ass sheep. Crystal meth is a pathetic drug , who in their right mind would mess with something that has god knows what in it, Dristan Sudafed, Rat poison, etc. cooked up in a filthy bathtub by some loser thats been awake for 4 days on the shit? Id be willing to bet money that the drug co's that make and market HIV drugs are putting this shit out there to insure more people get infected- wake up folks. call me a conspiracy nut if you will, but is it a conspiracy if its going on right under your nose. ??? think about it.
  2. God I Hate Ktu

    Thank God, other people feel the way I do. KTU is pathetic and beyond, the Nazi Repulikkkan Boot Lickers At Clear Channel dont even deserve to own the rights to the name KTU, cuz believe it or not, back in the 80's KTU was the bomb- a hometown radio station that supported local NY artists such as Arthur Baker, Todd Terry and the freestyle & early house movement . Since they came back on the air in '96 they have continually sucked out loud , their only bright spots in the beginning was having RuPaul host the morning show and the Sat nite dance shows with David Morales, Armand Van Helden & Lord G. I cant even tolerate their mix shows today, as Simon Cowell says "Ghastly, Dismal, Appalling". ;Not only do they not do SHIT for dance music, they offer NO support of hometown artists such as The Ones, Armand, Frankie Knuckles , Morales , Scissor Sisters, etc. These artists are having major pop hits and winning Grammies in Europe and are virtual unknowns in their homeland. Why is Hip Hop so popular? Because Hot 97 & 105 fm keep their ear to the ground by supporting local artists and playing their "songs" (I use the term loosely) in a regular top 40 rotation. Imagine where hip hop would be if these stations followed KTU's lead and played nothing but "Rappers Delight" , "Mona Lisa" & "Peter Piper" 30 times a day , stuck in some '80 s time warp like KT poo And of course kids, the issue of payola comes into play, the small dance labels just dont have a million bucks laying around to fatten up Clear Channels already bloated pockets the way the major labels do to just get the song played. So. What to do? One suggestion is call and request the song you WANT to hear the next time they play that hideous, stuck in 1992 screaming Deborah Cox for the 30th time today . More than likely the song wont get played but at least they will know there is an audience ready to go deeper when and if they ever get their shit together (dont hold your breath) Another suggestion is to bypass US radio altogether and listen to stations online Radio FG in Paris is RED HOT check it out www.radiofg.com/live Hopefully since Howard Stern is giving corporate radio the big gas face , and is moving his show to Satellite , they will be forced to get it together muy pronto. We live in hope. Keep on Dancin Dj Tennessee www.tennavision.com