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  1. Fetish Fridays!!!!!!!!!

    That's cool then. Me and my friends are going to show. Party.
  2. Fetish Fridays!!!!!!!!!

    Are the dj's any good? I live around that area. I would like to check it out.
  3. dj mech is ass, dj mech is an ass ,don't hire his ass.
  4. you guys known I'm joking right? My moms portuguese.
  5. that place sux ass. It smells like fish in there. F-pork- chops wash you asses
  6. I heard a couple of boris sets on the radio and his shit doesn't sound all of that,I think jp is better then boris
  7. ha ha, it true what the other cat said.
  8. Jp is a good dj ,but you know who's better dj? Dj Scot Project. Overdose records rules.
  9. Funny, the way you think man. That would be a good way to promote yourself. But your right on other note,I am using an alies to bash this hack. I would tell you the details but that would expose who I am. The guy really didn't do anything to me ,but he did some shit to a freind of mine a while, while back,like 7 months ago that really pissed me the fuck off. So much so I want to bash his face in.
  10. What trance CD's would u recommend?

    Tranzworld 1 and 2 and 6. Tranzaworld one is the best in my opinion. The cd is what made me want to become a dj and spin hardtrance and trance in general. People say it commerical,but 1 ,2 and 6 are really not. But the other volumes out of the serias are, The tracks are all german trance. The best trance in my opinion.
  11. He's a fucken dick , don't ever hire his ass. He's a big baby. Plus the tracks he puts down are wack. He's a corn ball. Big loser too.