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  1. OPM voted #1 in Vegas by AOL members!

    1st time post. i been following these discussion for a while. had to chime in. billle, you are letting this discussion get the best of you. you are starting to come off like you have quite an ego but at the same time it looks like you are also trying to help people. here is my advice. i have been to all the spots like b.english and tangerine and ice and rain. i have also been to opm a few times too. all of these clubs are very cool and people have fun. opm is an amazing experience especially last few times we went. so was body english. just a different type of experience. body english is like a rock party set in a rock stars palace. opm is a true hip hop party. they are different crowds completely but this is vegas and everyone can have fun in many different types of places. both spots are extremely busy and that means there are people who love both places. i think it is bad to insult either place just to spite each other. i also think it makes you like very arrogant to label people in any way. i dont think b.english is a sausage fest and i dont think opm is ghetto except that they attract many hip hop heads that seem to strike fear in people who dont understand the scene. i would suggest that you both focus on positive energy for a while and dont insult venues because you rubbed each other the wrong way. thats dumb and against the interest of the scene. billle if you do get paid to promote thats fine even if its just tips from customers. you are providing a good service. but in order to step up to the next level you should not come off as a person who labels other people especially if these people are true to a scene that you dont personally support. ---Dan
  2. LOL BillLe, you been PUNKED

    BillLe, I'm not sure if you realize this but you have been punked by one of the greatest Internet promoters of all time... You walked right down the yellow brick road of shameless promotion... You went so far as to promoting links and quoting promotional emails for them... Stirring up controversy is the key to message board marketing and you fell right into the trap... This is why clubs without the resources of big casino budgets can still succeed because suckers like you allow them to spread the word through your own channels, even if your perceived reaction is negative...
  3. LALate.com - Review of Las Vegas Venues

    You guys are so obvious. Of course people have a great time when someone gets paid to show them VIP service. I know your friend denies getting compensated for his selfless time consuming acts but even the show "the club" includes references to independent hosts that get paid to bring people to their club. Do you think Body English just lets people in and give them seats just because BillHe brings them? No, they have an arrangement with BillHe like every club that works with promoters. They pay him to recruit people from message boards and bring them to their club just like a taxi driver gets paid to drop people off at Rhinos or Ice. Yet they all deny it. BillHe even admit he MAKES A LIVING recruiting people to casinos. However this is a club board so he denies that his arrangement with select nightclubs is the same as his independent host arrangements with Casinos. Now OPM is not like these other clubs. They don't need to pay promoters pretending they are simply good saints just looking to hook strangers up from message boards because their urban clientelle is loyal. So all of a sudden they get slammed. Yet they probably service more customers per week than all these other hot spots that pay BillHe to recommend them. Hmmmm. The funny part for me is reading your attempt to defend your friend by using some of his alleged experiences and incorporating that into your own review. You are getting your stories confused now. Why the heck would a bouncer from *any* club refuse to accept a pass from ladies unless it was a special event in which no passes were accepted or unless your party was obnoxious, which is more likely what happened. There's always two sides to every story. And patted down metal detectors are used at other clubs that protect their customers. But the best part is your fights with other customers. First you fight the bouncers, then you fight the security and then you fight the patrons - you seem so peaceful. Interestingly BillHe used the exact same argument and applied it to several urban nightclubs. I have never once seen tough guy ass-feeling customers at OPM and I have been there several times. So keep slamming away. Dale Davis
  4. LALate.com - Review of Las Vegas Venues

    Then please explain how you classify a group of people as all "hideous ... all under one roof." We know their crowd is almost all black. So how would you consider an african american crowd hideous. Did you bring a scale and weigh everyone? Or did you create some sort of facial rating system. Please expand on how you, God, rank people as disgusting and hideous in a review of a venue.
  5. LALate.com - Review of Las Vegas Venues

    You guys are funny. You clearly act like you are better than others by insulting their looks. Calling them hideous, riff raff, or downright scary. Since when are you the people police. This is why clubs like that succeed. Because most people don't consider themselves too beautiful to party with the rest of us.
  6. LALate.com - Review of Las Vegas Venues

    1st time post here. I have been following this back and forth between out of the box and BillLe. I think out of the box has a good point. The person who reviewed the club sounded stuck up and L.A. snob like. He called a crowd hideous all under one room and that crowd also happened to be a nearly all black party. Maybe he didn't say it but it is obvious that he was calling that type of crowd disgusting. I think out of the box has the same right to criticize that post as the poster had the right to criticize the clubs. BillLe if you haven't been to the club in a long time as you've stated how can you authoritively criticize it. Maybe you should drop in there sometime again and see if it has changed as you already indicated in other posts. Dale Davis