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  1. Dance Parade 2007, Sat 5/19

    it was pretty sickkk and not bad at all for a first time event... the next years will deff be better and i agree they need to advertise wayy more!!
  2. Victor Was.....

    that was my first time hearing him and i loved it.. i was in the VIP section on the main floor left of the main stairs so i pretty much saw the right side of his face the whole night lol... i even went down the the basement for the stimulus/response party and ran into Gabe down there i got exhausted around 10pm so then i left... but i'd deff go again if he does Pacha
  3. i felt bad for alot of the ppl waiting outside cuz they had no chance in hell in getting in. I walked straight to the front and got right in... but then again i promote there on other days so they all pretty much know me. I guess club promoting has its perks... once in awhile
  4. Dance Parade 2007, Sat 5/19

    im gonna be down there, ill be dancing with the "Be yourself" group
  5. This is why i love this music

    anyone know the name of the track playing in that video?
  6. Pillowfight NYC

    i went down there to see it... pretty short but that was expected, it was an amazing sight to see
  7. hate both clubs equally... no wait... i hate Avalon more. I think for the spring im going to give up on weekend clubbing all together and just stick to weekday parties.
  8. Club B.E.D closed for crime scene

    brooks.. sorry to break it to u but Marquee has run its course years ago and Bungalow is only still mentioned because celebrities still party there. anyone who is someone had pretty much moved on from those clubs. IMO the last few upscale places left that are still good are Pink Elephant, Cain, Home/GuestHouse and Lotus. as for the problem at BED, its a miracle if they stay open because of course the media and the politicians are going to blame the club and not the elevator companies or inspectors for the death of this guy.
  9. Club B.E.D closed for crime scene

    fights break out at even the classiest of venues, i've seen ppl tossed out of cain, GuestHouse, bungalow, and marquee for fighting...
  10. Club B.E.D closed for crime scene

    especially with all the problems on that street, another death is just what the politicians need to add fuel to the fire
  11. apparently some guy fell down the elevator shaft earlier this week or something like that so they closed down the entire building.. anyone hear anything else because i couldnt find any news articles on it
  12. Guido trash: subhuman garbage or aliens?

    ok i take that back
  13. Guido trash: subhuman garbage or aliens?

    guidos arent AS BAD as ppl put them up to be... sure they rub alotta ppl the wrong way just by them being them but there are a few other types of people that do the same thing... like "straight off the boat" hicks from DR!!!
  14. Attn: Abrooksbro

    apparently so... which boggles my mind cuz Marquee doesnt even compare to half the other upscale clubs out there
  15. Why does everywhere suck?

    so lemme get this straight, middle class people have no business being pretentious, only rich ppl...