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  1. my vote's for bai ling, hands-down. even though it's been announced that's she's been cut from the movie, all you need to do is check out playboy's june issue to nod your head in agreement..a blue light saber never looked so good Tom
  2. Are the people at the Fox News trying to limit freedom of speech? Even though it sounds a bit ironic, Fox News attempted (unsuccessfully) to sue Penguin Books to keep “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them†off the shelves. The book reveals the wrongdoings of major news organizations, including Fox News. Funny how Fox tries to portray themselves as free speech advocates, isn’t it? Has anyone read Al Franken’s book yet, or heard about this case? It looks like Court TV is airing a documentary on it called “The First Amendment Project†this coming Tuesday (12/7, my birthday!!!) at 10pm. I’m not going to be home to watch but that’s why they invented Tivo, right? Bob
  3. First Amendment Violation?!?

    In a lawsuit, “Fox vs. Penguin Groupâ€, Fox unsuccessfully tried to stop Penguin Books from publishing Al Franken’s book which criticizes major news organizations. It just seems a bit ironic since Fox News is suppose to support free speech. Though I haven’t read his book yet, I did notice that Court TV’s going to show a documentary of the case called “The First Amendment Projectâ€. Has anyone heard of or seen it yet? The only place that I’ve heard that it was shown was at this year’s Hamptons Film Festival, but I missed that. Last I checked it’s going to be on at 10pm this Tuesday…just wondering if anyone has some insight about it before I stay up to watch it. Bob