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  1. Vegas Rocks!

    Hey I just wanted to give props to Bill Le, he hooked all of my friends up when I was in Vegas in December. Bill, your awesome and I am sure you will continue to be the best VIP host in Vegas. I went with 3 friends, and we have gone the last 3 years and this was by the far the best trip ever. Girls, just to let you know Bill is also a hottie!
  2. Vegas blows!!!

    We are going to be there December 18-22. The main clubs I wanted to go to were Rain and Body English (which I have heard so much about) But I was also looking at Ice, Light, OPM and Ra. We were also planning on going to Studio 54 on Tuesday, one of my friends who has not been to Vegas wants to go there. And advice and passes would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much for the response, I had posted before and didn't receive any.
  3. Vegas blows!!!

    We're looking to dance, hip hop, late 90s dance, top 40. Crowd, more guys the better, open to anything really.
  4. Vegas blows!!!

    Everything else away!!! Now that I have your attention. Please any recomendations to clubs would be greatly appreciated. My three abosolutely gorgeous friends and I are going to be there Sat-Wed. The last time I was there my friends and I got free passes to clubs from valets. Is that common?? Anyways PLEASE give a sister a break and help me out. I know in the past year many new clubs have opened so I would love to know the best ones to go to. Also whats up with Drais, I have heard good and bad things about it.
  5. Best clubs to go to

    My friends and I are going to be in Vegas from December 18-22 and I am wondering the best clubs to go to Sat-Tuesday. Also any suggestions on getting past the lines. We wanted to check out Body English but from what I've read its difficult to get into.