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  1. south beach hotels

    i need some help pickin a beach hotel people i'll be in southbeach commin from orlando from 8/26-8/29.i need hotels located near the clubs(crobar,opium,amika)thanx in advance.it doesnt have to be some 5star telly either just something nice and moderately priced.
  2. Le Bete at Wynn is awesome!

    i concur the best way to get rid of the rift-raft is to impliment a good dresscode,thugs dont wear shoes and $200 shirts.i went to opm,tangerines,and rumjungle and didnt have any beefs,matter of fact the crowd were cool as hell.
  3. Le Bete at Wynn is awesome!

    exactly,most people who go to clubs want to hear something that they're familiar with.hip-hop has more diversity as far as tempo and moods are concerned.i notice on hear that most ppl like house but that in noway reflects the avg vegas clientel.
  4. Le Bete at Wynn is awesome!

  5. Everybody ready for the Wynn?!

    think bellagio on steroids.
  6. p.diddy taken over vegas?

    Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' Diddy Day has been postponed due to miscommunication between the mogul and Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman. Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman was scheduled to proclaim last Friday, "Diddy Day," but the event was pushed back due to what Combs called an "unfortunate miscommunication." advertisement The ceremony was set to feature Diddy, Goodman and local show producer David Saxe and was canceled at around 1p.m., three hours before the event was slated to begin. Saxe stated that he was in negotiations with Diddy to open a nightclub and other ventures with Diddy, including a restaurant in the Vegas' V Theatre. According to Saxe, the ceremony is on hold. Sources say a third party lost $50,000 after booking Diddy on a private jet from Los Angeles.
  7. Music at OPM

    from personal experience i can say masterweb is a master @ what he does,i was @ tangerines for nye with dj kidcapri spinning.i thought it was as good as it gets,until that sunday when i went to opm and masterweb was spinning he completely shitted on the kidcapris set,true story.i plan on comin to vegas from sep.1-sep.5 and you can rest assure that i will be hittin up opm on one of those nights.i wouldnt classify it as gangsta but more of a get yo'ass on the floor type of set.if you like dancing and sweating then opmis your place along with pure,tangerines,ra and body english.
  8. Would this be a good look, LOL!

    i hear you on this one,it cracks me up how people pass judgement on others especially a guy judging anotha guy.sometime its best to keep certain shit to yourself.
  9. sunglasses

    oh yea they're versace.
  10. sunglasses

    here are a couple of pics of me with my shades on,i got these almost 4 years ago for i believe for $120-160 cant remember the exact price.yes,i must wear them any chance given the ladies seem to lik'em so they'll be worn till the apocalypse.
  11. Good spot to go tonight!

    where is pure located?
  12. Good spot to go tonight!

    where is pure located?
  13. Good spot to go tonight!

    where is pure located?
  14. How Reliable? Guest List at Napkin Nights.

    it worked just fine for me.
  15. labor day or halloween

    okay playboy sounds like my type of party.