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  1. good is not the word my friend! He was friggin rediculous!
  2. whose going to CIELO tonight

    I will be there with bells on!

    when does Boris come on??
  4. How was Studio 4 last night?

    This is one of the funniest threads i have read in a long time on this board! You guys are out of control!
  5. What Happened To Clubplanet?????????

    Mr...DIGGA! What's up bro??? long time no talk....how is everything....saw ruh the other day in the barber shop......hooked me up with one of your guys cd's.....very nicely done......
  6. Party Reviews?

    Space with the subliminal crew was sick as well as the sagamore for boris pool party - personally i think DT was weak at warehouse - it might have just been the venue the place is a dump - as expected JP ripped the shelbourne pool party ..... my brain is pouring out of my ear and i cant walk - hahaha cant wait till next year
  7. Arrive in Miami @ 11:30am Sunday and tearing up the Shellbourne all Week baby!
  8. 3 day passes??

    Does anyone know the answer to this question??? I am assuming they are not seeing that it is little over a week away!
  9. Attn: Bon Solid! I know it's ealry But....

    Art Director! That is funny! Your soooo cool you went to Tiesto and made it to work the next day! You do not even know what the kid does piper!
  10. Anyone Renting In Seaside This Summer???

    But i will be in seaside for sat and sunday night -
  11. It that times again BOSTON GO FUCK YOURSELF

    Beantown go f yourself .....
  12. Wednesday through Sunday is rediculous! Pretty much every night!
  13. I need a GREAT Tattoo artist!!

    Star light has good artists, Mario Bath is an award winning artist and the guy who did one of mine is richie he was real good as well - there is one in paterson one in paramus and one in belleville - the guy richie works at the one in belleville - you can look them up on the net as well just google star light tattoo and nj and you should find them - good luck -