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  1. Comin in town for NYE weekend. What are the best bets for Wednesday night? I've been to vegas before but never before on Wed. I'm looking for a spot with primarily hip hop/top 40. any suggestions would be great! thanks!
  2. jet compared to light

    I was wondering, if anyone could shed any light on the differences between light and jet. I know the obvious about jet having 3 different rooms, but I’m talking more about the difference really in the atmosphere and vibe. The times I’ve been to light, which admittedly was a couple years ago, it seemed kinda upscale-ish, a good time but not the greatest if you are really tryin to dance (at the level of an OPM or pure, which is more my speed). But I did enjoy it. Is jet more in line with what light is like, or is it more a place for a crowd really looking to dance and hear good music?
  3. April 13-15

    you guys shed a little light on this earlier in the topic, but...in terms of being a better place for dancing and being able to move, which is the better option: tryst or jet?
  4. Empire & Seamless afterhours

    which afterhours is the best to hear hiphop or top 40 music?
  5. masterweb- yall got that OPM on FIRE! i was out there for new years and couldnt get in for 3 straight nights! line was too long! gotta get out there in april!
  6. definitely planned on/wanted to get bottle service, i hope that makes it easier
  7. was hoping to hit some of the newer clubs (jet, tryst) and the favorites (OPM). how are those spots on letting all-male groups in, and where could i find connects for those clubs?
  8. me 3-5 other guys (most likely 5) are coming out to vegas in april, and we wanted to make table reservations for the clbus. I've heard that some clubs are difficult about letting groups of all guys make table reservations. Where is this? Which clubs would be okay with a group of six making a reservation?
  9. TAO table reservation help

    looking to make a table reservation at TAO for 12/29...can anyone help??
  10. NYE- the days before and after

    me and my boys are comin to vegas 12/29-1/2..how hard is it to make table reservations for the days before NYE and the day after? are the prices spiked? thanks.
  11. best preparty spot

    where is the best preparty spot? a spot where i could get a couple drinks before hittin the club, maybe hear some hiphop? any suggestions???
  12. best hotels

    we are looking for the younger, partying crowd. dont wanna end up at a garbage hotel.
  13. best hotels

    me and my boys are comin out to vegas for nye. usually we stay at the hard rock but we are thinkin of switchin it up. what hotels have a good party vibe that would be a good time to stay at?
  14. Congrats Dj Masterweb!!!!!!!!

    Was out in Vegas a couple weeks ago, hit up OPM on a saturday night. If you love hiphop, or if you love going good club with a good vibe - no matter who you are...OPM is a MUST. GOTTA get back there... stay up
  15. Le Bete at Wynn is awesome!

    what type of music did they have there?