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  1. Music Forum: December Jams

    Dj Sted-E H 2 the H (Masi & Mello 8-bit mix) AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Masi & Mello Back At Taste Lounge!!

    It's on tonight bitches!!! :clap2:
  3. thanksgiving eve?

    so I'm looking to go out but I'm not sure where, i'm looking for a nice place, with good house music...nothing too hard...any suggestions??
  4. Looking for new vocals

    check out "Kiss My Love" by Masi & Mello Ft. Tiffanie. Go to their myspace page @ www.myspace.com/sodeepmusic. The track is really hot, it's not released yet. It's commin out soon though with remixes as well.
  5. Funny thing is when studio 9 just opened, friday nights were Masi & Mello's resident spot. The format was supposed to be underground house music, when they went to play that style of music the owner "Tony" would say don't play this music, play straight up commercial bullshit that of course they weren't going to play. Due to the ignorance of the owner who opened studio 9and doesn't know jack shit about music or running a club he screwed him self out of two great dj's. Im sure jason did a great job but that is why masi and mello left after two weeks, because they weren't going to sell themselves out for some bullshit club. So get your facts straight, Masi & Mello are top music producers with a large fan base, and with music selling world-wide, if they were left to do what they wanted to and had some cooperation from the owners, studio 9 would be a different place today
  6. I love Masi & Mello, they play great music!!! wait till the crowd hears them.
  7. "flash Back Friday's" Mansion Nj

    I'll be there tonight!!!!
  8. Club Fur Saturday Nov. 12 Masi&Mello

    not at all, the crowd was actually really great!
  9. Fur is a sickkk spot. Saturday night was great with Masi & Mello in the main room.... These guys really know what they're doing. Definately want to see these guys come down to DC again... from what I hear they're all over the place. Anybody else go??
  10. Club Info...

    Hey, Im coming up to Washington soon and I wanted to know which night spots to check out... let me know....
  11. Halloween 2005

    Anything good happening this year for halloween???
  12. Nice Banner Tiff, Masi & Mello

    These guys are everywhere this year...keep up the good work, banner looks great! good luck!
  13. JP's new song

    the song was ok, but he played for almost 40 minutes, which made it very annoying...couldnt take hearin havin the time of my life anymore
  14. i am truly sorry to hear what has happened to your cousin, i hope you hear something from her very soon...these tragic events has effected all of us in one way or another, i hope she is safe... my thoughts are with you... please let us know something soon... laura