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  1. URGENT Hollywood Hotel Help??

    How much do you bench, Brandy???
  2. room 5

    I always have a good time when I Dj or just even go to hang out for a drink at Room 5.
  3. Some people will always find something negative to focus on.
  4. Avalon Hollywood

    For Saturday?
  5. California Police

    That really sucks, Sara. I'm sorry to hear about that. One of the reasons I used to want to be a police officer was to help people like you who have been victimized and to prevent crimes like this from happening. Too often you hear stories like this that really piss you off and wonder what the hell is going on in the heads of officers like the one you dealt with. No offense to anyone in the Inland Empire (IE), but I always get this creepy feeling when I go out there that everybody that lives and works out there is ass backward. The whole area, including Colton, seems so backwoods and hickish. I hope things work out for you, Sara. You should definitely take legal action. I hope that officer gets fired, demoted, or fined. You should go after the City of Colton and the officer's pockets as a remedy.
  6. Good Afterhours?

    Some of you guys really missed out on the good things that were happening at Little Pedro's this past year for Dilate on Friday Nights/Saturdays mornings. I had the pleasure of being a resident DJ. The talent and music coming out of there was top notch. Kazell, Cody Lee, Jim Carson, David Hopper, Mark Lewis, Dave Dresden, Rebecca Sin, the list goes on. Sometimes it would go from 2am until noon. We are in need of a good new afterhours. I just heard of one that may be opening up in Hollywood soon just south of Avalon. When I hear more I'll be sure to let you know. BTW, I'm new to this board. I think I might have posted a couple things here and there sometime last year, but otherwise, I'm brand spanking new. This my HELLO! I hope you are all in good spirits.