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  1. best way to roll

    O.k., two things......1) I would love to try K but like patbateman, I have never heard of anyone do it or would even know where to get it from....sounds like hella fun though 2) For me, I take one pill and then just before I peak, I pop another one and then when I do peak, it's really intense and lasts longer than if I just did one I have also heard of people popping a pill and then railing the other one....I tried railing one before and it was a shitty pill so it didn't do anything Also, if you can stand it, if you don't want to wait for the pill to hit you, let the pill disolve under your tongue and it goes directly into your bloodstream, just as if you had injected it.....it hits you instantly.....sorry if you all knew this already
  2. left or right

    Right.....once while doing meth I used my left nostril and two days later, my my nose ring fell out at the base of the diamond......it ate away at the post!! But anyway, definitely right nostril
  3. Where is everyone from?

    Yeah, I can tell that! I am definitely learning this quickly.......Santa Rosa, CA
  4. Stupid question here need help!

    Well, thanks for the help because I have learned a lot and if you guys don't think I am mature, that's cool at least I learned some things and found some new things I want to try. Also, thanks for the websites.
  5. Sending drugs???

    ahhhh I see and thank you for helping me! So, if I go buy one brand new at a store I should be o.k.?? Can I just ask you one question? If I send it the quickest way to send something, will they not have time to check it??? That's what my friend said. Also, do they check all the mail that goes through? Thanks again
  6. Stupid question here need help!

    That's funny, I figured that would be the response I would get by asking a couple of simple questions. It's cool though, whatever.
  7. Sending drugs???

    thank you!!!
  8. Sending drugs???

    So, I guess my friend that I am sending it to is at the most risk of getting in trouble. Hmmm I don't know, I will not put my return address and hope that everything goes o.k. HE told me to put them in a cd case wrapped in plastic wrap and send it express so they don't have time to check it. What do you guys think about that? I don't think he's ever done it before so he doesn't really know what he's talking about....ha ha
  9. Stupid question here need help!

    That's funny though because I have done drugs quite a bit, just not all the ones you guys are into. I really prefer doing drugs over drinking anytime I go out. But that's cool, I do sound nieve!! and when it comes to these drugs, I guess I am !!!!! Drugs are fuuuuuuuuuuuuun!
  10. Stupid question here need help!

    Damn! that really sounds like fun - like a high I would really like. The only problem is that I wouldn't know where to find it! That sucks!!!!! Thanks for the help!!!!
  11. Sending drugs???

    Well, I am the one sending them to him. So, I need to know what to do to get them to him and not get caught. Thank you guys for the help these message boards are great!!!
  12. Sending drugs???

    Yes it is a no no!!! That would be very bad.
  13. Sending drugs???

    That's what I said!!!! I just thought someone maybe has done it and got away with it. ha ha
  14. Sending drugs???

    O.k. my friend wants me to send him a bunch of pills. It makes me nervous. Of course I wont put my return address but has anyone here ever sent anything to someone in the mail?? Anyone have any ideas??
  15. Stupid question here need help!

    no way! I would never do heroin I was curious if thats what H was. Iam just trying to learn all the terms ha ha