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  1. Sat night of halloween wknd

    just wondering if it would be possible to still get tables at any of the clubs for that sat night...dee, if you're out there hit me up with a message
  2. April 15-17

    First of all, thanks to all those who replied. After a week of emails with all my friends it seems like people want to party at Body English. There were a few who want to go to OPM as well, but it seems like Body English is where our group wants to go for saturday night April 16th. If anyone knows someone who can host, let me know...thanks. and, happy birthday.
  3. April 15-17

    Coming in for april 15-17 with a group of about 12 guys, we do this once a year...We prob won't go crazy friday night cause we get in at crazy hours, and will end up gambling...definitely want a crazy night for saturday, last year we went to ice and did the whole limo/vip thing, but want to skip out on the limo this year...understand that we're going to need to get vip/bottle or else we will have to wait in long lines to be refused entrance...Suggestions for clubs and hosts we can use?
  4. NYE-on sunset????????

    i am from tx and making the trip up to la for the rose bowl...we're staying near sunset, and i was wondering where i should go on sunset for new years eve...my group wants to avoid lines so we are looking for a place with bottle service so we can be on the list and not deal with worrying about getting into a place, hopefully a lounge type place with some dancing...just looking to get wasted and have some fun in la...thanks in advance