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  1. whats there in orlando to do !?

    came up for horror nights and wow... orlando is KINDA boring.. what's there to do ? night or dat
  2. If you're in Orlando this weekend...

    anything going on tonight
  3. friday afternoons

    where's good (Fort lauderdale area) for drinking and hanging out in fort lauderdale and surroundings? I went to capones but everybody there seemd my parents age . Just wanna try out the 'happy hour' scene .. any suggestions ?
  4. I've gotten a few requests about reggae performances in the fort lauderdale area. sooo.. This Saturday you can watch Tami Chin, she's HOT and shes really good. You can watch her videos here http://www.youstation.com/artist-info.php?whodatis=213 We'll be bringing a lot more artists to Legends in the weeks to follow.
  5. The Pawn Shop reject !

    So i've been to the pawn shop about 3 or 4 times before.. nice place. no doubt... i bring my buddy down there last night and get the cold shoulder at the door for about 15 minutes. As a promoter myself i assume they're 'building' since its relatively early (12:30) .. anyway so we actually get some attention at the gate and a member of staff (security or management) says to my friend, we don't allow "braids" into the pawn shop, not tonight, not tommrow, not on saturday, not ever. Now my friend has "braids" (nicely done IMHO) and dressed pretty nicely in a ben sherman suit . Needless to say i've never been so embarrased in my life. I apologise for my ignorance but is this normal?
  6. Reggae Clubs?

    I swear you guys listen to more 'authentic' reggae than 'real' jamaicans! Justin your mix is off the CHAIN! of course i don't recognise 80% of the tracks - my parents probably would Anyway good stuff. Datz why I love CP - "all clubs" - look out for a post for the next 'reggae' event my site endorses ! Red stripe and appleton ON ME !
  7. Reggae Clubs?

    Check out my sites for the reggae scene. The "real thing" - www.cyberjam.net We cover the hottest reggae / dancehall parties in South Florida and Jamaica. Next best one is gonna be Azure in downtown fort lauderdale. Wanna listen to reggae and dancehall and listen watch videos check out my media site www.youstation.com . you'll laugh your ass off or be pretty impressed at vidoes for songs you had no idea existed.
  8. X-Men 3 Teaser Trailer Online!

    Blodclaaaaaaaat !
  9. mi a reach dat blodclaat ! - free drinks for di first girl wah gimmie a choops pon mi batty jaw - AKA Hell yeah i'ma get there early and party with my flygirl on her birthday as well.. whoooooooo! gotta take a limo home cuz w're gonna be lke so freaki'n crunk !