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  1. NYE in L.A.: Giant Village!

    I have a group of kids goin to TAO in LA for new years! I am way excited for this party~!
  2. Hey all - I am looking for a place to stay that is close to the conference. Paying 100 a night for a room with a roommate is kinda rediculous, but honestly, I am just wanting a place to stay so I can get to the conference and have a good time. I will be flying in on the 22nd, maybe the 21st, and flying out the 27th. If anyone can help me find a place to stay I would appreciate it greatly! I wish staying on the beach was an option this time, but now its time to get serious and get work done!!! Thank you everyone cardinal aim - angryjazzman email - [email protected]
  3. Looking for roomates!!!!

    I am def looking for a roommate to share a room at the Wyndham!!! PLEASE let me know asap!!! AIM - angryjazzman