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  1. Dress Code NYE PART 2

    Hi, In an earlier post, I asked about the NYE dress code at ICE. I'm slightly confused by the response I received. "Some people will be in suits...but jeans and a collar shirt are cool." That seems like quite a descrepancy in dress code. Will I look out of place with Jeans and a collar shirt on NYE? I do not have a suit with me, but do could probably buy a shirt and tie with some nice black pants. Basically, I'm wondering if MOST people will be wearing suits/dressed up (shirt/tie), or will the majority of people be wearing jeans and a collar shirt? Thanks, Carter
  2. Nye @ Ice Dress Code

    Hi, I'm wondering what the majority of guys will dress like at Ice on NYE. Is it typical nice jeans and a button up collar shirt? Or do people dress up a little more than that cause it's NYE? THanks, Carter
  3. Ice Dress code...NYE

    Hi, I'm wondering what typical dress code for guys will be on NYE at ICE. Do most people where typical club clothes (i.e. Jeans, nice button up shirt) or do people get dressier? Thanks, carter
  4. Ice on NYE

    Okay, so Ice usually draws a crowd on Saturday, but since NYE is on a Friday, will it still be packed? Also, i forgot to ask this, does Ice play hip-hop? Thanks again, Carter
  5. Ice on NYE

    Hey guys, Thanks for the suggestions in the earlier post. Based on your advice, I've narrowed my choices down to Ice, ClubRio, and Tangerine. Of those three, which is the best deal? I notice Ice offers open bar from 9-12, is that worth it? Or will it be impossible to actually get a drink during those hours? As far as the crowd goes, how would you rank the three clubs in terms of girl- to-guy ratio, laid-back clientale, and age (i.e. is it an early to mid 20s crowd)? Why is Ice so much cheaper than the other clubs, even though it's serving an open bar? Will this place even be busy since it's off the strip? Thanks in advance for your suggestions, Carter

    Hi, I'm 23 years old and going to Vegas for New Year's with 3 friends of the same age. We're looking for a relatively inexpensive club to go to ($125 and under). If choosing between Club Rio, Bikinis @ RIO, RA at Luxor, or somewhere else, where would be the best place to go? Please recommend places with a predominently caucasion crowd. Thanks, carter