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  1. i usually don't sounding off on ingnorance like yours but it's so obvious i can't resist. you're a tool who is talkingout your bung hole...bung hole that's funny lol so anyway donny, if you were there since bassline up through sound factory that bitch jr. got some tricks, invented helaf of them, stole the rest but never the less get credit for them. not danny, jonathon, not victor, not whoever you want to name , the queeen brought it to you first 27th street, first and foremost, tweeked it out and pumped it up.....sound factory style....i know you can't stand it cuz you don't understand it cheers sweetheart
  2. Everyone Must Read!!!!!!!!!

    lol awesome!
  3. low end specialists

    sorry, tried'em a few times..can't get into them overrated if you ask me
  4. The Best Dj in the World is............

    HOTT! Does the boy wonder usually open?
  5. Link....Exacta live at pacha......

    Diidn't like it
  6. a few trainspots... Bohannon- "Let's Start the dance" First Choice- Let No Man Put Asunder" F.Knuckles Instrumental/Original KC Flight - Let's Get jazzy Val young - If you should ever be lonely Dan Hartman- "Relight My Fire" acapella/original Hugh Masekela - Don't Go Lose It Baby Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain High Enough Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman Liz Torres - Can't Get Enough Loleatta Holloway - Hit & Run Rufus - Any Love Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love Robert owens - Bring down the walls
  7. Attn: Silverbull

    Dude it's friggin building, not a monastary lol , get a life lol
  8. Attn: Silverbull

    lol, knee grow pleez
  9. and that is why IT IS so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is a difference between a club night & a party, B&S is a PARTY!!!!!
  10. You should've paid closer attention as the word CLASSICS was on the flyers, invites, emails, etc. If you listen to "all that 70s" music that (mostly krivit) was playing you would've heard the orignal pieces of music where all the hit's from the 90s took their samples, lol. one generation feeds off the other, that cycle will continue. for those that grew up in the 7os/8os that musc was like a flashbakc to our childhood filled with memories. dt played ok but i didn't want to hear all of his edits, not when the orignals were just fine. no one can touch the original version of "supernature" it felt like dt was fighting the classics premise of the party in order that "his" crowd could relate. if you leave yourself open to new & old music you will have nothing but EDUCATION.
  11. even if it was 50% guido ( as your poll rsearch states) those kids guido are all the better for it, listening & watching an older crowd doing the do, doing it properly. as i watched the crowd alot of those kids didin't know wtf was going on but they were watching the other have fun and joined in the chant. i didn't want hear dt edits of classic records, no, but it was a good party nontheless.
  12. Yeah i think dt could have done better but he made up for it by playing val young's "if you should ever be lonely"
  13. LISTEN & LISTEN WELL!!! You can not name 1 measely party right now or the past 10 years for the matter that will bring together such a diverse crowd WHO KNOW & ADORE THEIR MUSIC such as what happened at pacha last night. PERIOD!! black, white, hispanic, asian, stright, gay, TOGETHER DANCING & SINGING like it should be. THE GUIDOS ONLY BOTHERED THOSE THAT WANTED TO BE BOTHERED