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  1. Markus Schulz/Nu NRG @ Spirit, Fri 2/18

    Hey, does anybody know who is going on first? (Schulz or Nu Nrg) see you peeps there. peace
  2. Armin at Spirit Review 10/12/04

    I could have sworn Armin's "Pound" and KA's "Made of Sun" were new. Even Max Graham's "Gone" and "Jump the Next Train" are fairly new. I agree he did mix in some big room classics but that would make him grounded as oppose to "trainwrecked." If anyone who is trainwrecked it's Tiesto and his commercial performance in Central Park. To me mixing in the old and the new is what it's all about but I guess not everyone has the same taste. And as far as Twilo goes, yes it's gone and so is sound factory but the space is what lives on
  3. Armin at Spirit Review 10/12/04

    Maybe I was at a different club and heard a different dj but I believe I saw Armin at Spirit last friday and his set was as good as the one at Roxy earlier this year. I think the all the people complaining about Spirit and saying how great Crobar is are obviously clubbing for other reasons other than going to hear a great dj set. And I respect that. Just don't comment on the dj set if you are just going to complain about security and undercover pigs. Get over it they're every where. Spirit's Phazon system is far superior to Crobar's and the club is designed for those interested in more than just the glamor style Crobar has to offer. I am happy the Made Events has made there way to Spirit and I agree with some of you. Once JP gets out of there, Spirit could possibly reignite Twilo's legacy. For those of you who actually have knowledge of the music, I was happy to hear he dropped Kyau vs Albert's "Mad of Sun"