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  1. Yea DavisG knocks that party out, same guy from Djais happy hour...all we need is him and Riddler there and I would be set.
  2. djais vip cards

    If i get one I am sure there will be a bidding war...check ebay I might throw one up there
  3. Car Stereo / Ipod Question

    get a http://www.diceelectronics.com/, they were or used to be Dension which is what I have and love it!! conencts directly to the back of your head unit
  4. 2008 Audi R8 Revealed

    Looks nice but could be the hurting of audi and I am a fan of audi. Right now if audi goes ahead with that car and the minivan they have put together, they are creating to many vehicles and I dont think there is a big enough market for them yet. Car growth is small now a days
  5. My next car...

    YEa I was just thinking what to get, since my lease ends on my A4. From the rumor mill on audi forums that car is choped and not 100% if it will even come out. IMO i rather drive an S4 or an RS4 and then pull up to an M3 and see if he can keep up.
  6. Who gives a shit its a forum if people have that much time to kill then get a life...
  7. Red Cheetah 2007 VIP Cards

    Is this DJ DavisG from Djais in Belmare... I doubt the vibe and music sucks becuase if you have ever been to Djais you know the roof fucken comes off that place. I am shocked that people dont like Budz in DNA that place is off the hook 2. With 2 good DJ's I would be shocked to hear the music sucks. I am going to have to check that place out!!
  8. Guestlist for Prive New Brunswick

    That is true....I love the search function...lol
  9. Nice Club in New Jersey for the mature people

    Whats south jersey....?? People in Jersey in there own minds say they live in north jersey when its actually central....hahah
  10. V-Lounge New Brunswick

    Nice I will be there...DavisG plays some of the greatest lounge music, welcome back to the rutgers area again!! We missed ya
  11. Sidekick 2

    I have a blackberry 7200 I believe and love it...would not change to anything else. The sidekick2 and 1 has issues which I rather not debate now but if all you want is IM then get it cuz thats all its good at.
  12. track id help

    You should see it on the screen then who sings it...
  13. wuts this track

    Rick James BITCH!!...lol Sorry had to do it
  14. Belmar hotels

    so why would you say all that stuff just to say you dont do it? If you do not get in trouble who cares what happens to those that do...they are not going overboard they are going by the laws to the T, they dot there i's thats all. A lot of towns should be the same way but are not. It depends on who is in office and so forth, its all political. Politics runs the US...
  15. Belmar hotels

    If you drink anywhere out side your house you can get a ticket, not just belmar. Ok, so you can get caught easier so what? Think of the size of belmar, you have any clue how small it is and how many cops are on duty? Do the same crap in Metuchen NJ that is 2 miles by 2 miles and see if you get caught. All the same shit. If your a drunk and screaming, i hope you do get caught becuase your an idiot, I think that ended when I graduated from college. You are not an anticrist you just act young thats all... I am at Djais all the time and have an awsome time and have not gotten fined, arreseted or anything. Just act like your age when your out on the street.