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  1. Xanax vs Vicodin

    sup all, i've done vicodin on and off for a while and has more or less been my drug of choice, but I feel like trying something new...i've heard a bit about xanax but what I get from it is a ton of mixed feelings towards it, some say its the best while others say it sucks...To me...it sounds kinda like Robo/DXM from the effects ive read, is that at all accurate? i can get the 2mg xanax or i could play it safe and stick with hydrocodone.. but I just wanna see..general opinion in here, what do you all prefer if you had to choose between the two? its a difficult decision for me, cuz when i buy i gotta buy in large quantities (granted, its cheap) but still i dont wanna go in on something that sucks. thx