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  1. Attn: famousamos

    ay yo you two munlunyans are startin to get on my fuckin nerves..
  2. Who is Sexxier

    im sexy
  3. FSNs unite here

    no munlunyans please
  4. nomembername is a wigger

    eh yo..you dumb fuckin munlunyan no gives a rats ass about what you gotta say..ya know what i mean stop posting here or your gonna end up at the bottom of the hudson riva you dumb munlunyan and no one cares about your eggplant cookies
  5. Attn: Russians....

    i hate russians.. almost as bad as munlunyans
  6. Living in Astoria

    joizee is the best place
  7. Bobby Bacalalalsls fucking shit up...

    eh finoch..wats a fsn? i dont even now wat dat is
  8. ah yo..is there a BLING around??

    hey guy..check it out http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?t=255272
  9. Who is Tony?

    yo amyscottsdale 12-21-2004 03:44 PM hey bobby, its tony. get the fuck off your fat ass and go whack that wigger nomembername. hey guy..i dont know what you mean by whack
  10. hey yo lbell25678

    i see dat you are a lil plump in your picture.. i like thick girls. i was wondering if i could take you out lemme know bella
  11. Attn: Al (deepspell)

    eh what a bunch o finoch..
  12. yo amyscottsdale

    yo amyscottsdale 12-20-2004 07:32 PM Hey bobby, it's me Amy again. You have no idea how much I love Italians. I'd do pretty much anything to be with one. God what I would do to have you tittie fuck the shit out of my beautiful fake breasts. I'm so hot for u right now so whats up bella
  13. fucking weak

    stop complainin..dumb mulunyan
  14. yo amyscottsdale

    Attn: Kaydup 12-20-2004 06:48 PM If that's you in your avatar, can I get your number? amyscottsdale aww yur s sweet bella
  15. Attn: Kaydup

    omg.. a mime.. ha ha ha