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  1. sports bars

    I'm not from Chicago but I visit pretty frequently and my suggestion would be ESPN zone. Great food, great atmosphere and and all around good time. You can go to espnzone.com for directions.
  2. Where's The Hot Spot?

    I'm making my way to Chi-town next weekend (03/18 - 03/20) and wanted to see if anybody could give me the 411 on what clubs to hit up those nights. I prefer Hip-hop but I'm opened minded and willing to kick it anywhere as long as it's a good time. Any suggestions???
  3. Honestly the worst time ever in Vegas!!!

    Damn Djmasterweb that is truly fucking awesome of you, the generosity is definitely appreciated!!! With guys like you working at OPM I'm guessing that you guys will be successful for a long time to come. I usually only visit Vegas once a year but with an offer like that I will be coming back a lot sooner. Thanks again man I'll be in touch with you, Lmack1977
  4. First of all I've been to Vegas every year for NYE the past four years and I honestly would have to say this was the worst trip ever. Now let me explain why... Day 1 (12/30/2004) After months of planning and anticipation Me and the Misses finally arrive in town ready to wild out. After hitting up the Forum Shops, buying my Wife the latest and greatest in Burberry and other ridiculously over priced materials we decided to head over the Tangerine. Paid a little extra to bypass the line and headed right into the club. So we walk in right in the middle of one of the burlesque and the chick performing was H-O-T hot. So I was like okay this is gonna be a fucking good time...WRONG!!! The place was packed and usually that's a good thing accept when the sausage out number the chicks 2-to-1 and they're circling the party like vultures looking for a caucus to feast on. Which is to be expected but bumping into me while I bumping and grinding with my lady is not cool. So after about an hour and a half we decided to bounce and head over to Jaguars... Hot ladies, Great drinks, Exceptional lap dances... NIGHT SALVAGED! Day 2 (NYE) So instead of taking the advice of some of the experts on the board we decided to listen to some of our friends and buy table and bottle service at Club Rio. Going this route made sense because it was a little less expensive ($500 for 4 included a table and your bottle of choice) than some of the table and bottles at other high profile clubs. Plus we were like it's New Years Eve, every fucking club in town is gonna be jumping. Well every fucking club in town was jumping except the ones at The Rio, the Palms (I think???), and a few other spots from what I hear. Apparently a power grid got blown from all the confetti and crap blowing around hitting a power line. Think about this... we got to the club at 11:45 and the power went out at 12:15. So after about 30mins of hearing them trying to tell us that the power was out all over the city and most of the clubs around town were experiencing the same problem, I received a bug in my ear that told me that this was BS. So I 'm like to the waitress where's the manager??? So she sends over some guy name Chuck who's the shift manger on duty and I'm like where's Pauly, the GM. He tells me that he's busy but he sent him over to accommodate us. So I explained to the guy that we've paid $500 for a 30 minute party and wanted to know what he could do to compensate us. He offered us a free VIP comp to either Club Rio or Bikini as well as comp to any restaurant in the hotel. So I'm like cool, I really wanted my money back but I'm like whatever??? So the guy hands me his card and shake my hand. I turn my back and look down to put the card in my wallet when I hear "NO YOU DIDN'T MUTHAFUCKA" come out of my wife's mouth. So I turn around to see this pissed off look on my wife's face and Chuck is speed walking down the stairs like someone was chasing him. I said whatsup? my wife said when you turned your back this piece of shit just mouthed and gestured to me to call him... WHAT!!! So I immediately go into Psycho killer Norman Bates mode trying to hunt this asshole down so I can introduce him to the one hitter quitter. So I guess I was starting to draw attention to myself cause my wife is trailing behind me like the Bouncers are coming. So a long story short they escort me out while my wife talk to Pauly the GM explaining to him what happened. He said he'd discipline the douche bag and he refunded us every single cent we spent. My wife decided to take me to Sphirement Rhino (nice fucking club!!) to calm me down, probably the hottest selection of girls I've seen at a Vegas Strip Club. Lap dances, girl on girl action, blah, blah, blah... was still pissed at the end of the night!!! Day 3 (01/01/2005) Outthebox when you said that about thousand people were standing outside of OPM trying to get in I thought you were BSing. But when I got there and saw the malay first hand I was like HOLY SHIT!!! There may not have been a thousand people but it was rapidly approaching that many. Anyway I thought I was smart because I took DJMasterWeb's advice and called the club directly to get on the guest list. Well guess what I was able to bypass the long line for General Admission simply to find that I would be waiting in a shorter line for VIP admission into the club. Being about 15th in line I still liked our odds as opposed to being 100th in line in the other line. Well they were only letting people from the guest list in sporadically, you know a group here a group there type of deal. And of course they're letting in every group of hot chicks that walk up showing the cleavage or wearing the low jeans which is a good thing. Of course my wife is wearing the same and believe me when I say that most of these chicks could not hold a candle to her but she's just one hot chick walking up to the club with the lucky schmuck. So after an hour of waiting in line they announce that they are at capacity and will only allow people into the club as others leave. So of course I try to talk the door guy into letting us in which I believe he was going to do because he kept nodding at me like to say don't worry I got you. But he continue to let in the groups of chicks which cause me to become a little impatient so we decided to walk down to Pure which by this time had a little wait of it's own. So we decided to go to grab some drinks at Shadow which wasn't bad but I seriously needed to here some banging as music and some off-the hook club action. To sum it all up... SHIT HAPPENS!!! I'll see you guys next year VEGAS ROCKS!!!
  5. Attn:: Outofthebox

    So do I need to pay $150 or $175 on top of the $250 for the table plus the 2 bottle minimum? Or does $250 admit 4 and I simply pay for the bottle service on top of that?
  6. Attn:: Outofthebox

    I've been trying to contact OPM to find out how much table and bottle service would run me on NYE. Each time I call these guys I end up speaking to a secretary who tells me that the guy I need to speak to is busy and will call me back with more info. I leave my phone number but I never here back from the guy??? I was hoping that you could provide me some more information on table and bottle service to kick in the new year!!!