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  1. Studio 9 CLOSED FOR GOOD????

    HA! HA! HA! This is a CLASSIC!!! You are way toooo funny! Thanks for making me laugh! :love2: Have a great weekend...
  2. Is'nt this place strickly a gay club? NOW, after all these years they want to change it?? I forsee failure. No straight man I know will be going there. It's too confusing...is is gay or straight? Besides, Bourbon St. is right down the road. Good luck anyway.
  3. :hang: I just found out Studio 9 was closed by Middlesex County Sheriff's Dept. due to lack of paying rent for the past 6 months!!! Can you believe this? Maybe this is why Jason Ojeda was never paid and his calls went unanswered! Please, someone tell me it is not true!! :cry:
  4. Studio 9 closing at 1am.....?

    First of all boy, Poor Blly is dead RIP... GOD BLESS HIM!! He lasted the longest out of ALL including Club Abyss if it were not for ms he would still be the king of rt. 9 This "new guy" will not buy back his best customers at LOOKERS AND BREATHLESS .......all the heavy hitters......... He had no COMPETITION.......................................so he got away with that???? Sick MF???????????????? Why does he think he can do a high end steak house in Woodbridge in a working class area and he copied half of the RUTH CHRIS name.......???? He will also have to close at 1 am.........
  5. Studio 9 closing at 1am.....?

    Hi everyone! Just so everyone knows, this is a FACT. The township of Woodbridge has now passed an ordinance that EVERY BAR AND CLUB must now close at 1 a.m. This is all due to someone who was hurt badly at the old "Packee's Pub" on Route 1. This is all true. Sorry everyone, but it looks like not only Studio 9 will be calling last call at 12:30 a.m., but wherever you go in Woodbridge, all bars will be done at 1 a.m. My info comes from a Woodbridge P.D. Lieutenant, so take it for what it's worth. It's a shame, I had a lot of great times at Studio 9...after 1 am
  6. Nice Club in New Jersey for the mature people

    Elements in Sea Bright.
  7. Mel Gibson, lol

    Everyone says stupied shit when there drunk. I know I have. What pisses me off is how the liberal media runs with this bullshit story instead of this story: washingtonpost.com We hear more about Mel Gibson than these crazy Muslims.
  8. Avenue, Long Branch. Does anyone have info?

    Here is the link: Avenue *Le Club The place is beautiful. A pool upstairs, it just sucks because it soooo expensive!! We were paying $ 15.00 for shitty house wine, $ 20.00 for a martini, and $ 20.00 for Johhnie Black on the rocks. I went once and that was enough. The places is loaded with Syrians!!! and loaded with loser girls trying get free drinks from any jerk. Go at least once and see for yourself. Personally I like Elements down the road much better!
  9. The Avenue - Long Branch?

    Hi Cynstam! That is so true about Deal. The best part about Deal is in the winter when you drive by all those ridiculous houses all closed up because they all went back to Brooklyn for the winter! I don't know when we will be back at Avenue, but like you said, it is worth giving it another shot...it is really pretty upstairs. Elements is in Sea Bright right down the street. (About 5 miles) Do you remember where Tradewinds was before they knocked it down and put up houses? It is like 6 blocks away. If you were leaving Pier Village in Long Branch, make a left at the light. (Ocean AVenue) Continue down about 5 miles, once you pass the light after 7-11 on your left, the very next light, (comes up quick) right on the left is Elements. Next to an amazing restaurant, Anjelica's.(Yum YUM) If you go, just have somoene sober with you. Sea Bright police dept. is RIGHT across the street go to there website, i think the place is beautiful and you don't get that bitchy, snotty shit from any girl who works there. I think the web is www.elementslounge.com and yes, jon bon jovi's brother (Matt) is partners with another guy and they own it. SO have fun if you go! Thanks again for all the laughs!!!!!
  10. The Avenue - Long Branch?

    This made my day! I could not stop laughing! Thanks, Cynstam! As far as the club, I went on Thursday with a friend. First we ate...and as Cynstam said, the food was not good. We only had appetizers and what a complete rip off! We ordered a dozen oysters on the half shell ($ 5.50 an oyster..ridiculous!) Then we shared a lobster tartain...$ 24 and it was literally 5 bites a piece! We also shared a salad, another waste of money ...I think it was $ 14 and it was JUST a salad, nothing special. We had martinis. $ 12 a piece. We wer not in Manhattan, so I think we should not be charged Manhattan prices. We then went upstairs...nice pool, but half of the club was filled with everyone from Staten Island with wayyyyy too much cologne on, and the other half was Syrain Jew City. There was also a very large older crowd. 40 & up. Maybe because it was Thursday. I judt did not like the place from the get go. I agree with Cynstam on the hostess'. They really are bitches. When me and my girlfriend first walked into the restaurant, they gave us both the whole look down. From our hair, bags, clothes and shoes. I wanted to say, what the fuck are you looking at with your $ 8.00 and hour job??? So, we just had a really bad experience as well as a very expensive night! When we were in the club we switched to wine. $ 12.00 a fucking glass! I am not cheap when I go out, but I don't know who the hell they think they are at these prices!!! It's only Long Branch, not South Beach. I think I will stick with Elements down the street! So if you go, bring some serious cash.
  11. Belmar hotels

    ok little man, i don't know how old you are nor do i care, but if you have been to Belmar within the past 5 years, you HAVE to have seen the change. maybe you just turned 21 and know shit about life anyway so i will let your mommy and daddy explain this. people still party in belmar, i know that, hte guy only posted where he should stay, and i told him Spring Lake, BUT THAT TOWN IS NOT A PARTY TOWN. Get your facts straight before posting and making your self look like a complete idiot. thank you
  12. Belmar hotels

    Unfortunately, there are not many motels left in Belmar. The town is trying to do away with all the summer rentals and a lot of builders are coming in and knocking down strips of houses to build huge beautiful homes on 3 lots. I think it is a great idea. My brother owns 2 homes in Belmar, but he only rents them out on a yearly basis, beacuse in the past the summer rentals he had caused him grief, lots of money for repairs and court dates! So in response to your question, no that this is a party hotel nor is it a party beach, you might want to try The Breakers in Spring Lake and then just take a taxi over to DJais so you won't get DWI. The other option is Manasquan. I don't know if they have any motels,though. Good Luck and have fun!
  13. Bar & Lounges for People in their 30s

    The Hilton in Woodbridge is more for 45 & up!! ha ha ha! I made that mistake once and NEVER again. The crowd looks like all recovering addicts, divorcees, women who think it is 1980. PLEASE do not go here! As posted Elements has a really good vibe and the crowd is older. Go to Angelica's next door for dinner first. It really is an amazing restaurant. (BYOB) Red I did'nt care for. Just my 2 cents worth. Bobo's 33 in Atlantic Highlands was a lot of fun. It isn't a club, more like a restaurant/martini bar. My girlfriends and I always have fun there. Good Luck!
  14. Jonathan Peters

    Jonathan Peters is a CLASSIC...............but the year is 2006.......so what goes on from here Johny??? you know what I am talking about???? HELLO......1990....................................i love UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU and i wish you luck going on in 2006...WOW...how old are me & U??? don't repeat my AGE????????????? ha ha I lOVE YOU!!! and i know the same goes back!!!! my heart is in to you!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Anyone apartment shopping in NJ?

    WOW! i hope you get no section 8!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same need in Union Beach...but way too much Sec 8