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  1. Unfortunately, I don't know who made the song or even the song title... But, I do remember some of the recognizable/unforgettable lyrics and they go something like this... "My pumps/heels are broken, my masquera is running, there's sweat dripping all down my face...but I will go on...because I am a true diva... and don't you even go there with me!" Please tell me you know what is it!! And, even better where I can get it. I've been on a mission to find this song forever. Sounds like a Candy J aka Sweet Pussy Pauline/ Thunderpuss remix ( it's an older remix; I heard it least 5 years ago)... If you've ever heard this song you would know what I'm talking about... And, I'm totally good for the 30 bucks... I just have to have it! Finding this song has become a personal vendetta. Thanks+Stuff, Shasta