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    I dont have a dick. A cunt bit it off.
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    Doing stuff
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    Unemployed harem boy
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    I don't have a dick. No one wants me. I hate them all.
  1. luzti, you better shave your ass before I go at you with a strap on again. that shit was gross.
  2. homo scam

    i didn't mind it. you told me you liked it, you two faced freak.
  3. R.I.P. Tiesto

    i hope you gave it a good grade, me n freaksrus never got a good report card in school.
  4. R.I.P. Tiesto

    Nobody is ever on my dick. i dont have one. hiy cuzzin freaks, yoo left your strap on in my ass last night. wa's wrong with you?!?!?! com back and get it, and pay me the money you owe me you you spongefucker.
  5. I have no dick

    freaksrus, remember the good old days of fucking each other in the ass at gramma's house? we were the unholy trinity of freakadon, freaksrus, and me freaksareeks. it sukz now that i dont have a dick. i can take it but i cant give it. i fucked lutzidara in the ass one night wth a strapon but his ass is all hairy and dirty. you have to keep it in the family for the prime choice of freakadon and freaksrus assholes. except for gramma, you were the best assfucks in the neyberhood.
  6. wheres the poll limp dick? lame.
  7. I have no dick

    hey cuzzin, where you been? we ain't been chilling together since gramma's 89th burthday barbieque when the old cunt made us dress up and pretend we were her grandaughters. where is freakadon, that bastard cuzzin of yours n mine? i miss yoo guys. lets have anuther family reoonyion.
  8. Mornin' Bitches!

    fuck you!!!!!! bend over and Ill slam a tomato up your ass.
  9. I have no dick

    sum crack ho bit it off after i paid her for a blowjob. skanky cunt. i told her stop chewing on my dick and give it back, but the cunt kept chewing. i hate skanky crack hoes. before any of you cocksuckers say eunuchs have dicks and no balls, read your fucking history about eunuchs. a lot of them had no dick either. SO FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING DEFINITION CORREXIONS! i hate you all, you all skanky crack hoes.
  10. Attn: famousamos

    get with the times old man, FSN stands for fooled by some negro, and all FSNs are black here. black like mike.
  11. FSNs unite here

    dont exclude me, miss potato chips. history shows that many eunuchs were castrated of dicks and testicles, and the term meant dickless as well as ball-less, sometimes. so there. http://members.tripod.com/Barry_Stone/eunuchs.htm
  12. Attn: famousamos

    this the new meetup for us fsns? i see some of the common fsn clan here already.
  13. Chyna's HUGE Clit Penis

    x 1000000000000000
  14. Boobies!!! Gotta Luv em'

    those are the tits i want to get made.