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  1. It appears that..........

    i think raincry needs a big dick in her ass to loosen her up always makes me feel better
  2. Congrats Matt..

    They'll be divorced in a year.
  3. Rollcall!!!!!!! Angello & Ingrosso @ Cielo

    im thurrrrrrrrrrr with my jar of vaseline.......
  4. About time this thread got good. I've been looking for a jockey who could ride me all night long
  5. joonyah attacks!

    NOT ONLY IS JUNIOR A SHITTY DJ, HE'S NOT EVEN A GOOD FUCK!!! Warpdrive, are you single?
  6. Hi, Looking for a Date

    Just curious but are you only interested in meeting up with girls? If not than PM me don't knock it till you try it
  7. Ladies need your Opinion

    "mint" sorry, haven't heard that in a minute...carry on people
  8. Do you think we are safe?

    you average 28 post a year since 2002 and have 9 in this thread....just a suggestion but you might want to save the rest for a later date
  9. Do you think we are safe?

    is ghhhhhhhost safe from his played out New York sweatshirt?
  10. Do you think we are safe?

    is GotMilk safe from djjonstephen?
  11. Do you think we are safe?

    is hou sediva4real safe from her own hand?
  12. Calderone @ Crobar $70!!!

    I will be there looking for some nice tight ass to use & abuse if I can't find one of those I'll go for the next best thing...some juiced up guido dancing around in a thong
  13. ~Looking for Dance partners~

    well obviously if you go by my name I'm all about anal sex, preferably raw with no lube i like it rough...grrrrrrrr!!! pm me if interested big boy unless of course part of your name has anything to do with your "member". lol don't want no short dick man
  14. ~Looking for Dance partners~

    since you said "preferably" female I figured I'd give it a shot I have sick moves not only on the dance floor but in the bedroom as well