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  1. Downward spiral last week...

    Last Saturday(12/11) I had a few drinks with a friend. Sunday was spent sleeping it off. Because I slept so late on Sunday, I had trouble sleeping on Sunday night so I had a few drinks. Felt like crap Monday but I made it to work on time. Monday night I just had a couple drinks at home. On Tuesday, a friend of mine and I went out and we had some white. It was a late night. I made it to work on time but felt like hell on Wednesday. Wednesday night, I had a Christmas party to attend. I got drunk and hooked up with a girl. On Thursday, I stopped by a friends to say hey and ended up doing some white. I got back home on Thursday night and had a few drinks and more white. Long story short, I went over to that girl's place. Harmless fun right? Wrong. I am in a great relationship with a woman who loves me with all her heart. I had to sit her down yesterday and explain what happened. Today is my first day of sobriety. I feel lost, lonely, scared and guilt is consuming me. I may lose the most important relationship in my life. This was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life loving. I always used to say moderation is the key. I have come to realize that I am incapable of moderation.