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  1. Question for everyone

    i def think we should look at the past but not dwell on it......... i wish tunnel opened back up........ the ny crowd is DEF not dance oriented..... i heard that someone else bought tunnel.... can anyone confirm it? cause last time i saw it it was an art gallery or something.... now it's not... i dunno........ that would be cool if they opened it back up, but VERY UN-realistic. As for twilo and limelight......... the problem there is that they're different now..... limelight isn't even open all the way!!!! i haven't been to spirits though so i can't judge it........ i dunno i think the crowd in NYC needed a conservative crisp look, but now a lot of people are ready for soemthing new, and more edgy....... not more proper. Temple looks AWESOME, but the music they look like they're playing SUCKS.. i hate top 40. I can't wait to see what the future holds a head of us!
  2. To those curious about Manumission in NYC

    i sure as hell wouldn't come from Ibiza meeca of clubs, to the US where they'd be shut down or have some stupid fine for people dancing in windows........ it's not worth it...... if things only changed but it's good they're doing one party!
  3. DJ Skribble or Jonathan Peter?

    Is that hard........hrmmm....... JP ALLLLLLLL THEEEE WAYYYYYYYYYYYY, i hate scribble, any DJ that has spun at a teen club sponsored by MTV i dunno should be "de-turtabled/cd'd." bleck.......
  4. Question for everyone

    I've heard some rumors about places opening up (some not true about closing down haha) well my question is, what clubs could you see opening back up again in the future...... and what places do you WISH to see open again!