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  1. post your favorite private messages

    NMN wanted his own Issac doll lol _________ -17-05, 03:11 PM nomembername Honor Student Join Date: Apr 2003 Location: QUEENS Posts: 22,871 I want... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my own doll...you think you can hook it up? http://www.toymania.com/334archives/love/isaac.htm
  2. post your favorite private messages

    I never listened to him, even as the plant. Private Message: pics 03-02-05, 03:24 PM Felix_Leiter CP Needs ME Join Date: Jul 2001 Posts: 15,257 pics -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ghhhost (give him a realy big head) - http://images8.fotki.com/v132/photos...jpg?1103367201 nb = http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...asVegas066.jpg sexxyh (make her like pinocchio)= http://bbs.clubplanet.com/attachment...chmentid=36433 b1tch (put her on top of the whole car..lol)= http://bbs.clubplanet.com/attachment...chmentid=36236
  3. did paris hilton get a boob job?

    Paris does mystic weekly.
  4. ok relax dianak

    bachelorette party one year after the marriage? thats even hotter mmmmm jk
  5. Happy 85th Birthday .....

    See it was better when a moderator would private message me who to photoshop lol Should I post the mod pms? lol
  6. Just wondering..

    Top 10 biggest website on the net among US based sites.
  7. Happy 85th Birthday .....

    Private Message: I want... 02-17-05, 03:11 PM nomembername Honor Student Join Date: Apr 2003 Location: QUEENS Posts: 22,813 I want... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my own doll...you think you can hook it up? http://www.toymania.com/334archives/love/isaac.htm
  8. Happy Birthday HeHateMe!

    Happy Bday. Here's a Birthday link for youhttp://www.nakegirls.com/egreetings/birthday/0101035.jpg
  9. U Fake Mofo

    So lets fess up, whats fake on your body? Me - hair color, tan.
  10. Attn: Deepspell/Mariocornbetti

    you really hadnt figured that one out? lol.
  11. Old School Christmas

    http://bbs.clubplanet.com/feedback-faq-test/291657-santa-meets-3-a.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SASHA CLAUS Ho Ho Ho. Welcome to the third week day of Christmas at the FAN TAB U LOUS Christopher Street Shopping mall. Im you're Winter Wonderbra himself, back again, the Sexy Sasha Claus. Someone cue the Gloria Ganer theme song!!!!! SLYMIE Sorry, I forgot. I just burned my last copy for Ghost. SASHA CLAUS Alright, now everyone, gather around. I'm really not happy with how things are going so far as we approach Christmas. I just dont feel the holiday spirit. P&GMODEL I think Christmas is a manufactured holiday by corporate america with hideous undertones of capitalism delivered in a fruit cake ~! REMI & COKE ... That is so hot. I have no idea what you just said. But it's so hot. marcblimbergerflight .. Rah Rah Rah listen to the widdle Cry Baby. BULLSIDE..... Sorry Im late. I had to give 4 more parking tickets to meet my quota. Some idiot double parked a sleigh outside. marcblimbergerflight .. Yap yap yap yap. SASHA CLAUS Can we focus on me, Santa Claus, people?! marcblimbergerflight .. I-I-I invented Santa Claus. I AM Christmas. Signed, Mr Claus rock steady crew HIGHWAYDUDE..... Please. You're all full of it. There is no such thing as Santa Claus. M&M-JAY.....<CRYYYYYYY> NOVEMBERNAME..... See what you did highwaydork. The poor little girl believed in Santa Claus. And now you ruined it for M&MJay. HIGHWAYDUDE..... Please. You're full of it too. You're just trying to get her pants!. NOVEMBERNAME..... Absolute not ... Come here, M&MJay. There really is a Santa Claus. Let me tell you about him as I walk you to you car ... better yet, my car. GOTHAIR?..... Actually people, I first mentioned the existence of Santa Claus in a thread about 20,000 pages back. Lemme find the thread. Did I tell you that the Declaration of Independence came from a thread I created also? NOVEMBERNAME..... It would be best if you left now. P&GMODEL Popcorn! GOTHAIR?..... Everything originates from me. Did I tell you Im the center of the universe? NOVEMBERNAME..... If you are then get off my uranus. P&GMODEL Popcorn! We need popcorn!! SASHA CLAUS Please Stop it! There is no Chirstmas spirt it here! GOTHAIR?..... See, you always make it sound like the drama follows me. It doesnt. All I said was that Im wonderful and smart and highly gifted and exceed at all levels of every video game ever made.... and oh, yes, I'm the center of the universe. NOVEMBERNAME..... Looser. GOTHAIR?..... Troll. NOVEMBERNAME..... Watch Santa. Gothair will suddenly turn, he's gonna get real nice suddenly. He does thta you know. GOTHAIR?..... Santtaaaaaaa. There is this teenytiny thing I want for Christmas, pretty please... KAYCHUP..... HAHAHAH GOTHAIR?..... At least I have something to say. All you do is laugh all day long. KAYCHUP..... I do not. HAHAHAH P&GMODEL 50,000 posts. GOTHAIR?..... Grow up. P&GMODEL 50,001 posts. KAYCHUP..... HAHAHAH P&GMODEL 50,002 posts. GOTHAIR?..... Oh, I hope you loose your left nut trying to save someone from a bag of burning popcorn you you you hanging tounge wantabee. marcblimbergerflight .. I invented the hanging tongue wantabee too. Sincerely, Hanging Tongue Wantabee Rock Steady Crew P&GMODEL 50,003 posts. 50,004 posts. SASHA CLAUS Stop it! marcblimbergerflight .. Rar rar rar XLFADED .... ras ras ras KAYCHUP..... HAHAHAH SASHA CLAUS Stop it!!!!!!! I knew I should have never taken this job. Why do I work so hard only to be cut and chopped and moved into FAQ. There is no love in the world I tell you. No love. <crying> GAYBO I think Santa Claus is a stymie fsn. Post your tits. FOXYGARYLADY911 ... Gaybo, Santa is a dude. GAYBO I wouldnt be so sure about that. XLFADED .... Santa? SASHA CLAUS .... Yes, xlfaded? XLFADED .... May I sing? KAYCHUP..... CAN you sing! HAHAHAH SASHA CLAUS .... Yes of course xfaded. What would you like to sing? XLFADED .... White Christmas...... <singsss> I'm dreaming of a Whiteeeeeee Christmas. FOLKLORE .... just like the one I do each night .... GAYERBO.... Where you nose sort of glissens.... SLYMIE .... And bitches listen NOVEMBERNAME .... To find me popping a lick in their lovely ears. COOK'EED .... I think Im about to puke. theplant .... Santa? GROUP..... THEPLANT?! SASHA CLAUS ...... Yes theplant. theplant .... I have something to say Santa.... ... to be continued.
  12. http://www.jossip.com/gossip/perez-hilton/breaking-perez-hilton-gets-served-20061115.php
  13. Happy Birthday Lolahotass!!!!

    Happy Birthday Lola. I wanted to get someone to jump out of a birthday cake for you. But because it was such short notice, this was the best I could do.