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  1. Everybody Check This Post

    Found this post about house music and its decline, thought it made alot of sense... check it out Deathof House
  2. Anything going on Sunday night??

    Tribal Attack 2 At Suede!!!!!!!!
  3. Free Mix Set Downloads

    When is last weeks show gonna be posted? There were like 3 tracks i have to ID!!!!!!
  4. Fatal Music Dj mixes

    You guys rock, I love Jaimy tracks, good luck and keep bangin em out!
  5. Is there even one single true underground DJ in NJ, almost everyone I've ever heard of is C H E E S Y
  6. DANNY TENAGLIA, 1-14-05 review at SPIRIT.

    I must say, i've always enjoyed DT but was never actually a fan, He played a great night. Steady progression and when he hit the tech tracks he went off, only broke the tempo every now and then with a vocal, then dropped back into the tech again, great stuff
  7. 18+ Get Paid to Party!!!

    Get Paid to party in NYC. Want more info email me [email protected]
  8. NYE on a Budget?

    [email protected] Thats the right address
  9. NYE on a Budget?

    You can get $30 (open bar 9-11) or $100 (top shelf open bar 9pm-3am) tickets to NV for NYE too. Its gonna be afterhours 9PM-9AM. Email me if you need any [email protected] There is a will call open from 9-11:45PM for pick up of tickets at the club, otherwise local drop offs or pick up can be arranged for ya! Happy New Years Everyone!
  10. Damn all I ever hear about from my friends is how great that party is! They were all there that night too (i think they said it was the grand opening) you probably saw them there!! I'll most likely come out with them this week for the christmas party there, hope it lives up to the hype! Maybe ill see ya there! Happy Holidays everyone!! PEACE
  11. Anyone going out Saturday night, 12/25?

    Think im goin to check out that Platinum Party at Deep lower level for xmas, have to get over there and check out that party, i keep hearing so much great stuff about it from friends of mine that were at the grand opening last week. Tired of the same old saturday routine @ spirit, and Ill get enough JP at new Years! PEACE
  12. The Best Nintendo Game Ever?

    Im torn between Baseball Stars and Tecmo Bowl for sports games, and Contra + Super Mario Brothers for fun/action games!
  13. NYE on a Budget?

    I saw a bunch of really cheap tickets on EBAY and yahoo auction sites, I think that people get stuck with them and have to get rid of them before new years eve. Maybe you can find something there, other than that most places on New Years are gonna be expensive!!