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  1. (Credit: Louis Pinckney) Freshness abounds in Washington, DC. RFK is being revitalized for baseball, Pennsylvania Avenue is being prepped for the Presidential Inauguration, and the 109th Congress has convened. But for lovers of soulful dance music, the new year properly begins on Wednesday, January 26, with a spanking brand new installment of Ascension. Kevin Dames, one of Ascension's producers, leaves his congas onstage and commandeers the DJ booth for a 6-hour journey into soul, rhythm, and groove. It will be the longest performance by any one DJ at an Ascension show. Live musical enhancements provided by T-Kolai and the Inner Corner Band; lights, visuals and images by Louis Pinckney. Special Offer: Ascension's January 26 show is a special 2-for-1 night. It's simple: if you pay full admission, your guest can enter for FREE. To qualify for the offer, you must redeem the special Ascension coupon (available from Ascension producers or promoters) at the time of entry. If you haven't introduced Ascension to your friends, then the January 26th show would be a great time to share the love. T-Kolai, Louis Pinckney & Kevin Dames present Ascensionâ„¢. The Midwinter Show, featuring Kevin Dames, occurs on Wednesday, January 26, 2005 at Five, 1214B 18th Street, NW, in the Dupont Circle section of Washington, DC. Hours: 9:00 pm until 3:00 am. Admission: $5. before 11:00 pm, $7. thereafter. This is a 2-for-1 night. See an Ascension promoter or producer, or the Ascension Web site (link) for details and coupons. Connect with Your Soul at Ascensionâ„¢ Coming Wednesday, February 9: Francois K. (Deep Space NYC)
  2. Everyone loves Stevie G. -- his personality, his organic sound, his soulful spirit. Long a fixture in Washington, DC, Stevie has been involved in the music scene for more than 15 years, including production and session work with T-Kolai, Sahara Records and Odaru Productions, and famed DJ residencies at Andalu and House of Secrets. Stevie completed his second annual two-month co-residency as "The Sunset DJ" at Ku De Ta in Bali, Indonesia. His appearance at Ascension on Wednesday, December 29 at Five marks his first extended underground soul set since his return. T-Kolai, Louis Pinckney & Kevin Dames present Ascension.â„¢ Performance. Dance. Music.â„¢ Wax Poetics by: Stevie G. & DJ Taha Lights by: Louis Pinckney Art Direction & Visuals by: Adrian Loving & Louis Pinckney Musical Performances by: T-Kolai & the Inner Corner Band Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at Five 1214B 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC USA 9:00 pm to 3:00 am Admission: $5. before 11:00 pm ($5. all night with Sugar, Sanctuary, Shelter or Paradise Garage membership cards), $7. after 11:00 pm. Ascension Is ... Performance. Dance. Music.â„¢ Web: www.ascensiondc.com AIM: AscensdionDC