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  1. ohmagod

    whoops wrong link, but it was on msn this morning that they are AGAIN denying the split
  2. ohmagod

  3. ohmagod

    actually they are denying this rumor again. we'll see though. also, lindsay lohan's mom is supposedly banging stone phillips
  4. Veet Razera Bladeless....

    it's basically nair with a plastic "razor" screw that
  5. jp at nikkibeach

    supposedly, he cancelled
  6. manicures

  7. manicures

    love 'em, they def do not hurt
  8. sunday at surf....

    it was father's day. what would you expect?
  9. People I hate

    that's so gay. you ask them to do a shot w/you, and then you get at me them for charging you?? LOL do you think you asking to take a show w/them, is going to get you a free shot? that's so lame.
  10. The Lunch Thread

  11. The Lunch Thread

    cool ranch doritos
  12. The Lunch Thread

    diet coke, turkey/cheese on a roll
  13. The Lunch Thread

    roast beef, swiss, lettuce, tomato on a low-carb bagel it sucked bc the roast beef was way too dry
  14. bangs..

    Try using a small bobby pin to hold them to the side, it looks kinda cute and def works
  15. Random Sex Thoughts

    damn i need to get laid