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  1. Tony Yayo-EFF D-BLOCK!!!

    If you havent heard this track you HAVE to get it...it's so blasted hillarious...the first time i heard it i nearly shit myself laffing..."BLOODCLAT....Shut the fuck up you fuckin fake Jamaican" HAHHAHAHHA GUYS YOU GOTTA GET THIS TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I Run New Jerz

    I really wanna know wat you niggaz think about Joey's I Run New Jerz track...i think it's H-O-T!!!! He mashes that shit up.."Dude sees what he keep in his belt, They turn into Mike Jones and start repeatin theyself" HOT DAYUMN...lol hollla back and tell me wat u think
  3. Newest CD I just Burned

    EFF That son..he should put the Slow Down Remix wit Nas
  4. Question: Song ID

    It's called "So What's It Gon Be" hombre
  5. Tony Yayo

    Banks was hot, but he hasnt put out fire in awhile...and dont sleep on Yayo, he's fiya rite now...rite now tho, its about the WHOLE G-UNIT...the tracks they puttin out is fiya....if you havent heard em, check I Run New York, G-Unit The Gang, Yayo's Wassup Freestyle, and his track Live By The Gun
  6. Sickest beat right now is:

    Fo real the hottest beats right now would be: Get Crunk Muzik (Dipset) Get In My Car (50 Cent, beat done by Hi-Tek) Outta Control (50 Cent, beat done by DRE of course) Still Tippin (Mike Jones, or watever the hell his name is) Those are just a few of the MANY MANY MANY Ill beats out right now..the hardest BASS beat that can kill speakers would have to be Do It Like This by Jae Hood...that track rocks subs and shakes cars mayne...the bassline is hard and gritty as hell
  7. Jadakiss and Fat Joe Diss Tracks About 50...

    Yo, that Jada diss was freakin dirty...and i know LOTS about music, but who THE FUCK is Preme? and one more thing...Jada hit 50 hard...and 50 said that once kiss and Joe hit back, he'd finish em...lets see wat 50 has in his arsenal to come back on Kiss' crazy freestyle...i dont even think that 50 will say anything back to Fat Joe since his freestyle was WEAK AND WACK AS HELL
  8. 50 shot for the 10th time~!?

    OK, in one of the other threads i was reading about how the G-Unit was going to fall apart...now it has begun. Instead of going after Game, who just put out a DOPE album (thanks to Dre of course) he shud go after Buck. Buck SUCKS. Anyways that was off topic. I said it before, now i MEAN IT...50 IS GETTIN OUTTA HAND... He reminds me of...Tony Montana....he's "gettin high on his own supply" and he's gonna end up found with a sawed-off shotgun hole in his chest. He's gettin real dumb....like wiping his ass with all that money has the ink going to his head...or maybe the bullet that went through his jaw has fragments going to his brain...
  9. NRN Clothing Corp

    Even Canada has stake in tha clothing game. NRN Clothing Corp, a new up-and-coming clothing line is looking for some promos down in NY and wherrever..if u wanna see some samples or order clothes, hit us up at [email protected] we got ladies wear and menswear...kidswear coming
  10. 50 Cent Beef...

    This beef situation is really getting outta hand. First off, I think that 50 is getting outta hand. Personally, like i've said on other threads, 50 was better in the mixtape and Power Of The Dolla days, then he went straight commercial and started making some soft ass music. Mind you, the tracks where good, but you can't be hard as hell tellin peeps that you gon shoot em up and whatever, then come in and say you a PIMP, you got the Magic Stick, I Wanna Be Yo Lova...THAT JUST DOES NOT FLY WIT ME! Then you just help out your camp, make THEM blow up...take dem "G-Unit GANGSTAZ", make some COMMERCIAL tracks wit em...errything simmers and you guys ease on the tracks...you announce your St Valentines Day Massacre, and how you're gonna crush the MC's that were throwing subliminal messages at you. WAT THE EFF...subliminal messages? You gotta be kidding me mayne... do you sit in your friggin big ass house watching BET all day checkin videos? Do you wait to see if there is even a FLASH of you or something like you and jump on it? Anyways, you make a mixtape, 2050:Before The Massacre...I aint even gonna lie...me and my click bump that mixtape like its the only music on the album cuz its straight FIRE...I hear this mixtape and think to myself "THIS is the friggin 50 i know, this is that nigga that tears up mixtapes, beats, and artists...straight friggin gutta"...Now if y'all aint know im talkin bout 50...Jadakiss..his music is dope, i dont even wanna say he's gone commercial because i dont see his ass on weak songs...the only thing that had a HINT of commerciality would have to be that song with Mariah Carey..and even THAT song was DOPE.. wit 50 and Jada goin at each other i cant say who would win, i can just say it'll be a battle of tha verses..we gotta get ready for an ill ass verbal war...by the way i think Piggy Bank was wack...sounded more like a call-out than a dis track...and the beat was W-A-C-K...i HATED it..People reply to my verbal diarreah..i wanna see wat y'all think.... BY THE WAY...NEW URBAN WEAR CLOTHING LINE FOR MEN, LADIES AND KIDS...NRN CLOTHING...HIT ME UP AT [email protected] FOR MORE INFO OR TO MAKE AN ORDER
  11. joe budden freestyle....

    You guys don't know that Joe is straight fire, whoever said he aint is just a straight liar..LOL i cant rap...anyways he tore it up on that one....but if u dont have it, it sounds better wen its blended wit Cassidy in it...and its mixed....TOO SICK
  12. 50's New Mixtape

    Yea Man, I agree with you...Power Of The Dollar was straigt fire..then he fell off a bit...but wen i say the "50 Cent that came out" i mean wen he came back wit a frickin vengance...he jus used the hottest beats and tore up the tracks wit gangsta lyrics...and he also gave us our taste of Yayo and Banks..and of course you know im talkin bout that album called G-Unit is The Future or watever it was called...lol
  13. Red Light District

    What you guys think about Luda's Red Light District LP? I thought it was pretty ill. Lots of good tracks on therre. I liked the Number One Spot track...he cleverly took the Austin Powers theme and slammed on it, even using some terms from tha moves "I got girls yellin GET IN MY BELLY" LOL its a good track...Tell me wat u think bout tha album peeps...DJ TRINDADDY OUT
  14. The Game - Documentary

    Yo man, at first I started hating on all of G-Unit when Yayo (THE BEST OF THA WHOLE FRIGGIN CLICK) went to jail and 50 signed Buck. Then the whole shit just went straite commercial rap, even Lollipop (BOO FRIG). Anyways Yayo gets out, and they sign Game. Who? The Game. Some guy from the West Coast. He starts ripping freestyles, and he starts ripping other artists. To cut my crap short, I thoght that Game's album was gonna be straigh GARBAGE. Well, I heard it and it's straight FIRE. Why? Because of the friggin producers...Dre just killed it, Kanye, all these top peeps. Game Couldnt lose, not wit tha hot tracks he had served to him. I give him respect for tha album. And when 50's St. Valentine's Day Massacre drops next month, he is gonna sell TWICE, yea I said it TWICE as much LP's as his first album. The 2050 mixtape is the reason for showing why 50 is as hot as he is...He went back to the original 50/G-Unit style...biting beats and freestyling straight FIRE on em...If there is any track on that damn CD that I liked the most, it would have to be Get Ya Boy...he uses Luda's Pass Out beat, and the bass in that shit is HOT...the 50 just mirks it wit his old style..."Xtacy, Crystal Meth, Marijuana, Cocaine, I Got All Ya Drugs Of Choice Herre's a bundle of Heroine" you can't tell me that verse isnt friggin hot man...and then the chorus is genuine 50 too "Dont make me have ta get ya boi, my 40 cal'l hit ya boi, the hollow tips'll split ya boi, dont make me have to get ya boi." I'm a just shut the F*ck up, let you guys cop tha mixtape, and cop Game's album. DJ TRINDADDY OUT..holla at me if u need tha traxxx
  15. 50's New Mixtape

    ALL I GOTTA SAY IS THAT 50's NEW SHIT IS H-O-T!!! This is the fuckin 50 we used to know wen his ass came out, not the commercial sell-out that he turned into