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  1. ...Rent...

    i loved the producers even chicago
  2. Happy B-day Reeni

    happy birthday my nubian queen. love you to death. -smokesum
  3. Lunch Today?

    those who know..know
  4. Lunch Today?

    ol jack burton's gonna eat himself a nice live octopus still moving..
  5. Good Bye Cp For Ever .. And Sorry Kim For Eveyrting

    Sorry brother, Jack Burton doesn't drink milk anymore. Hand me over a glass of your strongest darkest lager.thanks.
  6. Good Bye Cp For Ever .. And Sorry Kim For Eveyrting

    Jack Burton thinks you need to go shut the fuck up and go get a new fake name. Theplant is the stupidest name of all.
  7. Good Bye Cp For Ever .. And Sorry Kim For Eveyrting

    Hey lopan, take this young lady's advice. Be a man. Theres nothing that Jack Burton looks down upon more than a man acting like a woman.
  8. Good Bye Cp For Ever .. And Sorry Kim For Eveyrting

    you know what jack burton thinks..just please shut the fuck up and take off that stupid mask.you remind me of Lopan for petes sake
  9. January's Produce

    jack burton thinks you got a shit list and know shit about house music go fuck yourself
  10. more crap

    you know what ol jack burton found.... take a look at what ol jack burton found.. jew broad
  11. attn ave-eva

    ave-eva Newbie Join Date: Jan 2005 Gender: Posts: 6 x -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- did you get some emails yet hihihi see you Is this Lo-Pan up to his old tricks again?
  12. FSNs unite here

    This is ol Jack Burton and you know what ol Jack Burton says.. drink till you puke, shoot big guns, and rock on
  13. 80s movies

    umm..hello ....people.. Big Trouble in Little China
  14. Chuck Norris Movies

    jack burton always says.. eh fuck it..when they throw something at ya..throw it right back at them.. my advice to you is practice with a shot of whiskey
  15. Chuck Norris Movies

    thanks man jack burton appreciates it